Saturday, April 14, 2007

East Village, February 2007

This strange wall on Avenue C just above Houston features an assortment of arrows, all pointing up. And if you look closely, some of those arrows are actually umbrellas. I have no idea what this means. (If you need to see the photo larger, click on it.)

My cat, Armenia, has come back from her hospital stay and seems incredibly happy to be home. She's lying right next to me, purring away. She had quite an adventure on her last day, apparently - the vet needed a blood sample and to get one had to put her in something called "the burrito," which sounds suspiciously like a straight-jacket. And then they gave her a BATH, which I can't even imagine. (I do not bathe my cats. Cats bathe themselves. It's one of the principal joys of cat ownership.)

The vet told me to minimize contact with her for two weeks to let the radiation completely dissipate, but I'm finding this really hard to do. She makes a ruckus if I try to close her up in the bathroom, and when she's free she pretty much insists on being right next to me. The vet said her radiation levels are not dangerous, and are far less than a human would emit given the same treatment - the recommendations are a precaution. But still, it's unsettling to know a mildly radioactive animal is lying right next to my leg. Purring.

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