Monday, April 30, 2007

Stanton Street, February and April 2007

Here's another before-and-after comparison. This doorway on Stanton Street caught my eye in February, with the interesting light, the face by Haculla and the Pentagram by Neck Face.

(For some reason, graffiti artists and taggers always target doors. I've wondered why this happens. Maybe people are more likely to notice the art as they go in and out? Maybe repainting a door is cheaper than painting a wall - and thus easier to deal with if they get caught? Or maybe the door is just the natural focus of a building's facade, and so draws the tagger's eye, just as it draws mine?)

In any event, when I walked past this particular door on Saturday, it looked like this. Strange that someone went to the trouble of painting over Neck Face, but left Haculla and indeed allowed the rest of the graffiti on the door to proliferate.

Maybe they just didn't like that Pentagram.

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