Sunday, March 28, 2010


Sorry about my cranky post yesterday. I was hitting a wall with my cold -- just so frustrated after days of not feeling well. I did finally go to the doctor yesterday morning, and $100 later, I have some antibiotics and an (unnecessary) inhaler.

(Doctors seem obsessed with asthma medication these days -- this is not the first time I've had a doctor put me on an inhaler when I'm getting over a cold. I mean, I hate to act like I know better, but isn't it normal to have some mucus in your lungs after a cold? Won't they clear out on their own? I guess this is why drug companies advertise their asthma meds so aggressively.)

Anyway, I'm glad I seem to have turned the corner, because Dave and I are taking off tomorrow for a five-day vacation in Provincetown. I've never been there before, so I'm looking forward to it. Apparently we're slated for some chilly weather while we're there, but I'm excited no matter what.

Last night we went into the city to visit with a friend before she moves out of New York for good -- she's going back to Michigan because she couldn't find a job in the city. (I can relate!) We went to the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, which made for a chilly dinner -- it was 37 degrees and we were sitting outside. (No indoor seating. Did I mention that I have a cold?)

(Photo: Fence in Red Hook, Brooklyn, last week.)


lettuce said...

i thought that was quite low level crankiness, actually....

hope you have a great time!
AND feel better!

There was an interesting piece in last weekends paper about doctors prescribing medication - more in terms of patients' expectations tho. hang on, I shall look for a link...

Reya Mellicker said...

Glad you're on the mend. It was a nasty cold floating around. Never mind trying to figure out why you got sicker. No one knows for sure. The only important thing is that you're getting well now.

Isn't Provincetown on the coast? The sea air will do you a world of good.

Have fun!

37paddington said...

Glad you're feeling better. Yes, it was cold in the city last night. Winter tip toed back in, and we're all in denial, I think.

Provincetown, chilly or not, will be wonderful. Enjoy.

alphabet soup said...

You're a tiger for punishment, eating outside on a cold day and with a cold to boot!!
Enjoy Provincetown.

Ms Soup

Barbara said...

I'm glad you are feeling better in time for your vacation. I love that part of Mass. It must be spring break, yes?

I agree with you about inhalers.