Saturday, March 6, 2010

Graffiti Bonanza

I went out walking yesterday in Brooklyn and found a super-amazing wall of graffiti. It all looks brand new, and the skill levels are incredible. Some samples are here, and there are a few more shots on my Flickr stream (plus large versions if you want to see more detail).

I was in the city for my third interview with the media company I've been talking to about jobs. Despite the fact that I've had several meetings with these folks, and their apparent interest, I don't think a job is imminent. It sounds like they think I'd be best in a specific division of the company that unfortunately isn't hiring at the moment. So I'm still in a holding pattern.

I visited my former boss yesterday -- I stopped by her house and we had lunch. It was fun to catch up and compare notes on the job search and on the travails of our former employer.

As for this weekend, I'm staying in Jersey. In fact, I need to take the dogs out now. It's a beautiful day, with no precipitation for a change!

1 comment:

Barbara said...

This graffiti reminds me of the last blast of fireworks, when everything goes up at once and is the best of the evening. Don't you wish you knew more about the artist(s)?

So interesting that your boss was let go as well. It must be a slim crew left. All papers appear to be on a diet these days.