Sunday, March 21, 2010


Just in time for the first day of spring, the wildflowers are appearing in the field next to our apartment. When we walked the dogs yesterday, I was stunned to find tiny white blossoms in the grass, where just a few weeks ago there were several feet of snow.

This morning I found the little purple, slipper-shaped blossoms above. I have no idea what they are. Does anyone know?

It's amazing how quickly the plants come to life, and in the case of these yellow flowers, even go to seed. Nature wastes no time!


  1. Nature fights against all odds... and usually wins. Ever tried to get rid of dandelions or poison ivy? :)

  2. hi steve

    i've just been backtracking here, catching up and seeing what happened with your interview - sounds as though that is still pending/possible? fingers crossed...

    I was gardening yesterday, so many little shoots and leaves springing up.

    The purple flower is nettle family - looks like a "dead nettle"?
    though if its growing horizontally, with silvery stripes on the leaves, it might be lammia - same family.

  3. Hi Lettuce -- it IS a dead nettle! Thanks for the info! I Googled other images and it's definitely the same plant. (Funny that someone in England is identifying my New Jersey wildflower!)

  4. I call these blooms "fairy flowers." I believe that is the technical term.