Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dog on Shoulders

This is one of our neighborhood characters. He's a fairly common sight in Notting Hill and along Portobello Road, where he was working on Saturday at the market. I think he was unloading produce, but I was too distracted by the omnipresent dog on his shoulders to really notice.

I asked him if I could take a photo, and he said he was working so he couldn't stop for me. I told him he didn't need to stop -- I could shoot him while he worked, which I did. He seemed to appreciate that I asked first.

For some reason, though, I didn't ask his name. (Some kind of journalist I am!) Fortunately, Flickr has a photo pool dedicated entirely to him. There he is identified as Ron and the dog as Betsy. (Or occasionally, Mitzie. I'm not sure which is right. Maybe I'll ask Ron next time I see him.)

Apparently the dog's been riding around like that since at least 2006, when this photo was taken. In July 2007, another photographer captured the two in Hyde Park. Talk about man's best friend!


  1. I would be curious to know why the dog rides on his shoulders -- whether or not she can walk. They seem very symbiotic!

  2. Aww - I love Ron & Betsy (Mitzi). It's nice when friends can work together :)

  3. I'm shaking my head. It's a big world, and it's wonderful to capture a slice of it this way!

  4. Great neck warmer! That little pooch must have excellent balancing skills!
    Maybe velcro on it's tummy...

  5. Tell Ron the next time you see him that he has some fans across the pond. His dog is adorable and he's obviously very attached to her.

  6. Oh that is fantastic! I've not seen a dog ride around on someones shoulder for long periods of time.