Monday, April 2, 2012

Friday in the Park

This was the scene in Kensington Gardens on Friday afternoon, when I took my book and a thermos of coffee to the park and sat beneath a tree. It's a good thing I took advantage of our recent warm weather for lots of outdoor time. Apparently it's supposed to get cold again. Our iPhones are telling us it will be 32 degrees on Wednesday night! I'll have to bring the plants inside!

Yesterday I went to lunch with our neighbors across the hall, Chris and Linda, at our local gastropub (i.e. a pub with better-than-standard food). We talked a bit about the loss of their adult daughter five years ago to epilepsy, an experience they discuss in this video for the organization Epilepsy Bereaved. (I'm sure they wouldn't mind me publicizing the link, as they're very interested in raising awareness of this condition.) I can't imagine how agonizing that experience must have been for them. But we also chatted about far more pleasant topics, and overall it was a nice lunch.

Dave has been feeling under the weather this weekend, so we pretty much stayed in and watched movies: "Aliens," "Alien 3," "Midnight Cowboy" and "Leaving Las Vegas." I hadn't seen the latter since its theater release in 1996, and I was once again impressed with Elisabeth Shue. What ever happened to her, anyway?


Lynne said...

My husband had a serious crush on Elisabeth Shue after she did "Adventures in Babysitting." We just saw her in a movie preview at the cinema this weekend for some horror flick. I think it was called "The House at the End of the Street." She was playing the mother role. Oh how the years fly by! ;)

I like stay-home movie weekends!

Ms.M said...

I love weekends in. Though the park looks nice!

Ms. M

Barbara said...

The weather here too is bouncing all over the place. I just think it's Spring and there is a frost warning.

I hope Dave feels better soon. Meanwhile enjoy great movies like Midnight Cowboy.

Linda Sue said...

Glad you have been having a little bit of warm weather- sort of gets you through the rest of spring- a little boost.
Midnight cowboy makes me cry and ache all the way through , First time I saw it ,it had such am impact that I could not even see another movie with either Jon or Dustin for a while. Just too sad.The sweetness and tenderness gets me every time!