Friday, February 28, 2014

Short Story

We've been enjoying some spring-like developments here in London, with brighter skies and blooming trees, crocuses and daffodils. Unfortunately this weekend we're sliding back into winter a bit. Temperatures are supposed to drop into the mid-30s tonight and there were even rumors of snow, though that seems unlikely.

I guess if we go walking, Olga and I should prepare to get chilly and/or wet. Dog bath time!

But at least I won't be as bad off as these guys:

I found this scrap of paper in the school library a couple of weeks ago. What do you think -- a short story? A monologue or improvisation for drama or history? An exercise in leadership? I like the mysterious lack of resolution...

(Top photo: An old Morris Minor 1000 automobile in Notting Hill, this week.)


  1. "But our vessel should be forgotten."
    That could be a book title.
    It's colder here than it is in London! Froze last night.

  2. I think a history improv. It's good student writing, whatever it is. Lots of promised drama.

  3. Morris is exquisite! Sweet little motor car! I thought you might have found the note by the car or on the dash. That would have made it even more mysterious and interesting!jj- Just back from Palm Springs land of happiest of all gay/dog/sunshine/and old old old folks! The color of that little Morris belongs in palm springs- being driven, of course, by a gay dog. Fabulous photo...AGAIN!

  4. Sounds like the beginning of journal about going to the north pole - fascinating!

    We're supposed to get some sort of blizzard tomorrow - but expect I'll still have to go to work on Monday :)

  5. BK (before Kindle)I recall often finding notes in old library books. I was always so intrigued. It was like peaking into someone's diary! Such fun! and love that car!

  6. Actually, I wouldn't mind expanding on that story! Sounds like a good start to me!