Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Well, I arrived safe and sound. It's 6:25 a.m. in Florida right now, but of course it's 11:25 a.m. in England, so I just can't bring myself to stay in bed anymore. I got up and clunked around in my dad's darkened kitchen until I managed to make myself a cup of coffee, and now I'm waiting for it to get light enough to take a photo for this post.

I got in yesterday afternoon (Florida time) after an uneventful flight. On the airplane I watched "Noah" and "The Wolf of Wall Street," both of which I enjoyed, although "Wolf" -- which purports to be based on real-life events -- seemed ridiculously exaggerated to me. If stockbrokers routinely snorted and popped that many drugs on an average Wall Street workday, our financial markets would be a disaster. Oh, wait...

I also read a lot of "Life After Life" by Kate Atkinson, which I'm enjoying. It doesn't have an easy, linear plot and I could see how that would be frustrating for some readers, but I don't mind it. As for my fellow travelers, I sat next to a young, slim British woman who was very nice and loaned me a pen to fill out my customs declaration, but otherwise left me blessedly alone -- pretty much my ideal traveling companion.

As usual, there's a bit of social whirlwind building already. After dinner with Dad and my stepmother, I went to see my stepsister and her family, and my stepbrother is flying in today. Then, in a few days, I leave for Jacksonville with my mom to see my brother and his family. In between all that, I need to get my driver's license renewed. Head spinning!

(Photo: Tibouchina, a flower in my dad's yard.)


  1. I really enjoyed Life After Life. I'd like to see Noah and my granddaughter (16) and I watched Wolf of Wall Street. she picked it out but I didn't realize there was going to be so much full frontal nudity (both sexes), drugs, and fucking. I was a little uncomfortable.

  2. Glad you arrived safely. Enjoy your time with your family.

  3. Always loads of fun at the DMV...Enjoy your time with family and give my regards to your mother.

  4. I loved Life After Life - even recommended it to my book club, who weren't quite as impressed (I should have known better - we mostly read young adult fiction - ha!). I listened to the audio version & it was very well done.

    We always have a social whirl when we visit our NC families. Hope you get to see all the folks you want to see & only some of the folks you might not want to see :)

  5. I love your garden pictures and Olga - airborne as you were the following day. Excellent.

    Love the idea of the Tarzan yodel - ha. You are funny. Sorry you said goodbye to most of the blackberries. Sometimes it's necessary.

    I hope your dad is doing well.

    For reasons I can't explain, I'm always happier when you're in the same time zone as me. Weird.