Sunday, July 27, 2014

Boyhood and a Reunion

Olga and I photographed another set of streets for Bleeding London yesterday morning. I got a little lost this time around -- I had to come home and consult Google Maps to figure out how I wound up where I did. But Olga didn't mind. Any walking is fine with her. (And me too, actually.)

Dave spent the morning in the garden. And by the way, I appreciate all the comments about the gardening being worth it no matter how long we live here (see previous post). You're all absolutely right. He should just enjoy himself.

In the afternoon we walked over to Hampstead to see the movie "Boyhood," which I loved. I thought it was very effective in showing the beauty and richness of day-to-day life. And what an amazing idea -- to film a movie bit by bit over a decade, so the audience can watch the characters naturally grow and age. It was unlike any movie I have ever seen. Dave found it frustrating -- when watching a movie, we're all trained to expect a momentous plot event, and there really isn't one in "Boyhood." But I think that's the point. It's all the little moments of our every day that are ripe with beauty and disappointment.

Finally, last night, I met up with yet another old Peace Corps friend passing through town. I hadn't seen Mark since 1994 -- and in the intervening years he had married a woman he met while we were in Morocco, had two children and divorced. His kids were with him, and let me tell you, nothing drives home the passage of years than seeing teenagers who didn't even exist the last time you'd talked to their parents. They're great kids -- squarely in the midst of growing up, like the "Boyhood" character -- and it was good to reconnect with Mark. We wandered through Soho and had dinner in Chinatown.

When I got home last night, Dave was watching one of the newer trio of "Star Wars" movies -- blasting the subtle and evenly paced experience of "Boyhood" out of his mind with a few ray guns and explosions.

(Photos: Top and middle, a vacant building around the corner from our flat. Bottom, a found bag of body parts!)


Ms. Moon said...

I've heard such mixed reviews of that movie but the actual doing of it in and of itself is pretty amazing.
Hey- try to deny you're old when your oldest child is pushing forty.
Yeah. Well.
Love the body parts. Excellent find.

ellen abbott said...

I heard an interview with the director on NPR a couple of weeks ago. I probably won't see it though.

e said...

I'd like permission to use your phrase, "ripe with beauty and disappointment." Also, what do you think of the Atkinson novel? I read it several months ago. Still haven't picked up the Shavit book yet...

Plastic parts? Could be an interesting art piece...what did you do with them?

Safe travels.

The Bug said...

I'm probably more like Dave than you (except for the cooking & gardening - well maybe we just have the same taste in movies - ha!).

Steve Reed said...

Ms Moon: The technique alone makes it worthwhile -- but I got a lot out of it, too!

Ellen: There was a great article in The New Yorker about him, too.

E: I love the Atkinson novel so far! I wish I had more reading time! There will be that airplane ride, I guess...As for the body parts, I left them behind. :)

Bug: Yeah, Dave really likes action and comedy in his movies. I tend to prefer cerebral drama and talkiness. So yeah, we are at polar opposites. :)