Monday, July 7, 2014

Chaos Reigns

Moving day is tomorrow, and Dave and I have entered the final, frenzied stages of packing, where we don't know where anything is and we're sleeping on the floor. (The bed has been dismantled.) Nearly everything is in boxes but somehow the stuff just keeps coming.

One of my blog pals was correct when she said a couple of days ago that in her experience, packing starts out organized and by the end it's just a matter of pitching stuff into boxes. I began by packing objects of a type all together, clearly labeling the boxes with a Sharpie: photo albums, drinking glasses. Dave did some labeling of his own:

(Should there be a comma after "dishes"? I think so.)

However, the last box I packed contained two rugs, the dog bed, a camera bag, a picture, a library book and our plastic grocery bag holders. Oh, and a container of gardener's rooting gel. All organization is now out the window.

I spent yesterday afternoon cleaning the kitchen cabinets -- wiping down all the shelves and doors and door handles. You don't realize how grimy things have become until you take away all the objects and you're left with just the residue of daily life! I'll come back and do the rest of the cleaning tomorrow afternoon, and then we'll be done with this place.

(Top photo: Street art in Shoreditch, June 20.)


  1. Can't wait to see your new abode! Good luck with the actual moving and then (sigh) the unpacking ...

  2. The packing is a nightmare. What to throw and what to keep???I found the unpacking to be more fun and much easier. Good luck and hope all goes smoothly.

  3. I think it was me that said that. And it's just the truth. Moving is so daunting. Once, when we were moving it occurred to me that I had to hold every damn item we own in the world in my hands and decide what to do with it. I mean seriously- how is this even possible?
    Well, it somehow is and you will have fun deciding what to do with each item as you unpack it and place it in your new home.

  4. I love Dave's box labeling. :-)
    Just think by this time next week, it will be all over. That's what I keep telling myself when faced with a major change like this.

    To answer your question on my blog, I use Corel Paintshop Pro. The unfortunate thing is that Corel does not make a version for Mac so the program resides on my old PC laptop which right now is the only thing I use that old machine for. It requires me to put the photos on a jump drive, move them to the old laptop, edit them, put them back on the jump drive and move them back to my photo files on the Mac. I really do need to get Photoshop on my Mac but, idea of learning a new photo editing tool is about as daunting as say....moving!

  5. Unpacking will be fun! Each box will be something of a surprise. And it's always exciting to be able to set up your living space anew. Looking forward to pictures of the new place!

  6. Well, bon voyage!

    So true about packing. Oh my. At the end I'm usually out of boxes, so I'm tossing things in trash bags. It's mayhem.

    Love Dave's label. Ha ha. And you, ever the editor. Love.

  7. packing & unpacking stinks! i sympathize for you.

  8. Good luck tomorrow...
    You've survived the hardest part in good humor and that isn't easy.

    Looking forward to seeing your new flat.

  9. Love that label! And I added the comma in my head :)

    By now you're mostly done, yes? I hope so - can't wait to see pictures of the new place! (Which might already be posted, but I'm very strict with my blog reading - no looking ahead!).

  10. Wow! So, everything's set then? Glad to know that. It might be chaos right now, but at least you are seizing the situation and getting all the necessary things in line. The next thing left for you is to account for all the things you have to bring and make sure you won't lose them in the interim. Good luck!

    Clay Delgado @ World Packaging Inc.