Friday, July 18, 2014

The Floridian Summer of Mr. Reed

The universe must be preparing me for my upcoming trip to Florida.

Yesterday, while walking Olga in Hampstead Heath, I was bitten by some kind of insect. I have no idea what it was and had no awareness of the bite at the time. But when I got home, I developed four itchy, raised welts on my legs. I didn't know England had any biting insects, so this is a first for me. (Florida, as we all know, has a surplus!)

Then we had a crazy thunderstorm roll through around 2:30 this morning. Thunder, lightning, pouring rain, the works -- also not all that common in England, but certainly common in Florida at this time of year.

I'm telling you, Florida is coming to meet me.

I discovered yesterday that I've lost my USB cable to download photos from my camera. I think it must have fallen out of my camera bag somewhere. The first order of business today is to replace it -- because as we all know I cannot live without my pictures. I took a photo of our new dining room furniture specifically to post here but I can't get it off the camera! Argh!

We're having a bit of a film festival around here. In addition to our ongoing infatuation with the TV show "Prison Break," which we watch every night (we're nearing the end of season two and let me just say the show is absurd, but still entertaining as all heck), we watched "Unzipped" and, on the sort-of-recommendation of another blogger, "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone." (Not really a recommendation -- her exact words were, "Dear God, it was terrible.") "Unzipped" is a movie from the mid-'90s that follows Isaac Mizrahi as he designs a fashion collection. I saw it in the theater when it came out and I loved its campy, dishy humor, but it's complete brain candy. As for "Roman Spring," I don't know how I ever missed this film, because it's exactly what I love as a guilty pleasure -- a technicolor melodrama circa 1961 with fashions and jewels and coiffures and dramatic smoking. And Viven Leigh! And male prostitutes! And written by Tennessee Williams, wielding his strange dual fascination with and condescension to older women! The whole thing was laughable, and Dave and I snickered throughout. I would watch it again in a heartbeat.

(Photo: A barber shop in Cricklewood. Please notice the locks of hair hanging from the sign!)


  1. Who knew there could be yet another fantastic review of that movie? I think I might have to re-watch it.

  2. Elizabeth, don't! It's horrible! But Steve, I am so glad you liked it. I think they were going all Hitchcockian with it at the end there, don't you?
    Yep. Florida. Buggy and lots of thunderstorms. You will love it!
    Doesn't you camera have a card? Mine does.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. fancy a bug biting you, all Buddhist and sweet, bugs know these things...word gets around. I feel your frustration being unable to post photos, makes blog entries less fun.

  4. You are so happy since you moved! This was an EXCELLENT move.

    Love the ritual staff on the Heath. That is holy ground. Those are my kind of people, setting a staff for the healing of the earth. Oh yea.

    Also: "I really am so exhausting, with all my moral dilemmas. I exhaust even myself." Hs ha ha ha!!

    When do you go to Florida?

  5. Elizabeth: Despite Ms Moon's admonition to you, I would strongly suggest a re-watch. As long as you're aware what you're getting into. :)

    Ms. Moon: I suppose there might have been an attempt at Hitchcock there. It's telling that this movie was apparently the one feature film by that director, Jose Quintero. (Though to his credit he directed tons of stage productions.) Also, Lotte Lenya got an academy award nomination for her role! They must have been looking for a reason to recognize her.

    Linda Sue: The bugs have not been giving me any special Buddhist credit. Probably because I haven't been practicing lately. :)

    Reya: It WAS a good move. I thought of you the minute I saw that staff. That's why I blogged about it! I'm off to Fla on the 29th.