Monday, July 14, 2014

Vintage Clothing and China

I was walking Olga the day before yesterday when I passed a new shop on Mill Lane called Passionate About Vintage. These ladies were standing out front -- it was apparently Grand Opening day. I didn't go in, since I had the dog, but I couldn't resist asking for a photo.

The rain subsided yesterday morning, so Dave and I got all our new plants into the ground. They look much better than the weed patch we previously had outside our back door! Dave weeded the whole area, and we relocated about a dozen snails and slugs. (I know we should probably be killing them -- but they were there first, after all.) We also planted the clematis and the butterfly bush that we had in pots on the balcony in Notting Hill.

Just that small amount of yard work reminded me that it is not my favorite thing to do. I have a feeling the garden, like the kitchen, will be largely Dave's domain.

While digging off the patio, I found this tiny shard of broken china. I wonder how long it's been there -- ten years? 50? A hundred? It's so cool to garden in a place where there's history in the soil. (Well, I guess all soil is history -- but not easily identifiable human history!)


ellen abbott said...

I had quite a collection of old marbles that I found while gardening at the old house. when my grandson was young he would pester me to give them to him but I wouldn't. Instead I gave him new ones. then one day we returned from a weekend at the country house (this was before we had moved) and they were gone. he swore he didn't take them. we had a big row about it and he gave me back all the marbles he had but none were my old collection. I gave him his marbles back as I didn't want those, just mine. They still have not turned up to this day.

love the dresses on the ladies.

Ms. Moon said...

Those ladies look like beautiful butterflies!
Oh my. I feel like you and I are living more of a parallel existence- digging in the dirt and planting things and weeding things and finding china!
Next thing you know, you'll be building a little chicken coop and buying some chooks.
Or maybe not. But it's a nice fantasy!

Linda Sue said...

that little shard is payment. As gardens go your's seems the right size and, when the sun finally returns, you can plant tomatoes and lettuce and herbs...Because of the slugs here we had lettuce planted in a hanging wire thing and we keep tomatoes in planters on the deck. It is worth the effort, The tomatoes , all warm from the sun are especially wonderful, of course I ate too many and od-ed. I hope that you are happy with your move! It is more work and father from the action but just look at how Olga wags!!! Dexter sends a feeble wiggle- he likes having a yard especially now that his walks are compromised.

Vivian said...

i hate yard work and refuse to do it.
i only water plants..that's it

Sharon said...

Those girls have got the hair styles to go perfectly with those dresses. They could have walked right out of the "Endeavour" episode I watched last night.

Lynne said...

Love the pic! Yes, now that you have a yard you'll be discovering all kinds of things. Not only in the soil, but about yourself.

For years after we moved here I kept finding stray Lego pieces in the woods. They would just seem to pop up from nowhere. Also some old action figures.

alphabet soup said...

I too love those dresses - the middle one with the rose patterned
fabric - and the cardigan, takes me right back to the fifties. The tattoos? No....
I think the garden has great potential. Did I spot a compost bin in an earlier photo?
Ms Soup

Gary said...

I love those dresses. Joy (you know her) went through a period where she was into vintage dresses. She looked fantastic. And somehow the red lipstick is always part of the ensemble.

The Bug said...

Fabulous dresses! And I love the red hair.

I always think I want to work in the yard, but really I just like to look at the flowers & eat the tomatoes. I don't mind dead heading the daisies - it seems to meet my need for refined violence :)