Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Why I Am a Terrible Paparazzo

I felt industrious yesterday morning and did quite a bit of packing -- all the books, the decorative stuff, the items we won't miss in our day-to-day lives for the next week. I got quite a bit done, and boxes now line the hallway, dutifully marked with a Sharpie so we know what they contain. Only after I packed about 20 of them did I think, "You know, we still have a week to live here."

So then I stopped. By this time Dave was up, and we had a suitably vegetarian lunch. Then, despite all that packing, I felt a little stir-crazy so while he stayed in his recliner and worked on band music, I went to town. I took a walk through Soho and Covent Garden and got some fun photos, as usual. I think I saw Keira Knightley, walking near Great Windmill Street with an older man and being filmed by two film crews. It sure looked like her, anyway. I had my camera in my hand but my New York instincts kicked in -- the ones that say don't make a big deal out of seeing a celebrity -- so I didn't even take her photo. In an instant she had walked past me, and only then did I think, "Why didn't I take her photo?!"

Oh well.

I'm not even sure it was her. But she was at a party at the Serpentine Gallery last night, so she's in town, and she does have a new movie coming out. Hmmm...

When I came home, Dave was arm-deep in making falafel -- which turned out great -- and while he cooked I visually feasted on some old episodes of "Hawaii Five-O" and "The Streets of San Francisco." (I love my '70s cop dramas!) We wrapped up the evening watching "Prison Break," which my stepmother recommended. We're enjoying it, even though I feel like I have to take a shower after every episode.

(Photo: Magpies on the chimneys of a neighboring building.)


  1. In my experience, packing starts out completely orderly and tidy. And then, as the days grow shorter, it becomes chaos. May you avoid this. It's ridiculous.

  2. Loving that photo!

    I hate packing. I hate everything involved in moving! So painful, but in the end it will be worth it.

  3. I probably wouldn't have taken Keira's picture either. I must have been a New Yorker in a past life because I don't get too excited over celebrities. On one visit to NY I sort of walked right into a scene being shot for Law and Order and Jesse L Martin was walking right next to me. A very nice man, he smiled and said hello.
    I don't envy your packing job.

  4. Stir crazy, I know the feeling well. but Mr. Man sort of sticks all activity in wet cement,so it is doubly difficult to move forward. If two stir crazed people lived together there might be a fire! Stella and I saw Donatella waiting for a water taxi right by us...I did not know who she was but Stella did...we were cool, did not take photo or make a fuss...I am sure that is the polite thing to do.

  5. Maybe when you continue with your packing, you should listen to some cop/singer songs like David Soul's "Seasons in the Sun."

  6. I think starting early with the packing is so smart. What Mary Moon says is so true. You'll avoid the last minute chaos if you just keep going at an orderly pace.

  7. Ha! I know just what you mean about that instantaneous I SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN THAT SHOT regret. I agree, though - skip taking pics of celebrities. There are pictures of them everywhere already.

    I salute you for getting packed and organized. So exciting that you're moving into such a nice place.

    Fabulous roof shot!

  8. Love all those different chimneys (or vents or whatever) & those two fat birds.

    I always double-clutch in the moment & then get annoyed that I didn't get the picture.

    And, yesterday I had to take a diversity training course at work & one of the things they recommend is not using slang that someone in another culture might not get. Do you know what double-clutch means? :)