Monday, February 16, 2015

Azalea Psychedelia

My 8-year-old niece Jane likes my photo editing software. She loves to sit down with my computer and do outrageous things to pictures. This is what happened when I let her loose on a couple of photos of pink azaleas in my mom's yard.

She doesn't go in for subtlety, but I kind of dig the effects!

I went with my brother and his family to my dad's yesterday for his birthday celebration. We went to dinner at a favorite Tampa restaurant and went back to our house for ice cream and cake. My dad said at one point, "I never thought I would be 78 years old."

I suppose no one really thinks that -- but especially someone who smoked heavily for 50 years.

Jane says this is a "rock star azalea"...

...and this one is supposed to be glowing in the moonlight.

Several months ago, my dad and stepmother adopted a couple of chihuahuas from one of their maids. Apparently she had to move because of a foreclosure and she couldn't take the dogs with her. So  Pinky and Manny have become part of the family. They're cute, but holy cow those dogs are high-strung. They quiver with perpetual tension, and they went ballistic yesterday when we all came over. Manny in particular is quite literally an ankle-biter -- he went after my pant legs with a ferociousness belying his size. No harm was done, but my ears are still ringing from all the barking.


  1. With a title like that I thought you might be about to launch into an old Donovan song.
    Yes, chihuahuas seem to be a truly useless breed. I'm potty about all animals, but I'm afraid their charm evades me.

  2. I love the azaleas!
    Lis and I were talking about all of my dogs finally being gone.
    "I have to admit I don't miss their screeching barking," she said.
    Amen, amen, amen.

  3. she did a great job with the azalea pics. my son and DIL have two chihuahuas, one of which went suddenly blind from retina detachment. they are childless (not by design) so those dogs are their family. one of the dogs loves to play fetch and they finally got rid of the little throw toy and got her a stuffed animal as big as she is because she just would not quit with the fetch.

  4. Jane has an artistic flare! I like her creations. I do the same quite often and end up with 8 or 10 versions of the same photo. It's fun!

  5. WOW those photos woke me up! Watched the Westminster dog show finals last night, I ohhhed and ahhhed all the way through, in the commentary they address the small dog attitude and how owners do not train small dogs thinking that the damage they could do is minimal as opposed to a rottweiler. However little dogs need training too , they are big dogs on the inside and it gives them a sense of security to be well trained. Just like anyone I suppose except a cat, they train you. 78 is not old , these's the new 59!

  6. I love Jane's flowers...Your dad is a lucky man.

  7. Marty: It DOES sound like a Donovan song! And perhaps not coincidentally I have quite a bit of Donovan in my iPod...

    Ms Moon: Yeah, a little barking goes a long way. These are the barkiest dogs I have EVER seen. Or heard.

    Ellen: I'm sure they're cute once you get to know them. I'm not sure Manny is going to let me live that long, though.

    Sharon: She does, doesn't she? I'm impressed with her inventiveness!

    Linda Sue: They're like a visual jolt of electricity! These dogs could definitely use some training. I am not convinced they wouldn't do damage. I think if they got mad enough they'd be like a pair of piranhas.

  8. Love the flowers! I might have to try that with some of my pictures (after winter is over - all the whiteness isn't conducive to psychedelia).