Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Rest Cure

I feel like I am re-entering the land of the living. The night before last I just could not go to sleep until about midnight, and when I got up yesterday morning I felt stiff and slow-limbed, like I was wading through peanut butter. I was zombified all day. Last night, though, I went to sleep at 10 p.m. and slept solidly until almost 7 a.m., and wow, did that feel amazing!

Sleep is so strange. What goes on in our brains and bodies when we sleep, what rewiring and reworking -- and why do we feel so terrible without it?

Anyway, other than that, I don't have much for you this morning. I was going to say something about the Oscars, but I feel like the moment has passed, and anyway all I have to say is that I haven't seen about 75 percent of what was nominated. Dave and I are talking about going to see "Birdman," but these days there seems to be a vast gulf between talking and actually doing, so who knows when we'll get around to it. The others will have to wait until they come out on streaming video.

Our amaryllis plants are looking quite prosperous -- we've got lots of leaves and one obvious flower bud -- and the pigeons are once again chowing on our bird seed. I refilled the bird feeder on Monday morning and briefly left the bucket of seed on the ground while I went inside to get a cup. When I came back out, Olga was face-first in the bucket having a snack. Her poop looked very interesting yesterday!

(Photo: Golders Green, Feb. 8.) 


Ms. Moon said...

I'm glad you're feeling more yourself and that your flowers are coming on.
Sleep IS mysterious, isn't it? God, how i love it.
Olga. Bless her heart. Did you tell her that real dogs don't eat birdseed? Probably best not to bother.
Good morning from Lloyd!

Sharon said...

I just finished watching the Oscars last night. I had to DVR it because I was at a play Sunday night. Lady GaGa made the biggest impression on me. Like you, I haven't seen many of the nominated films. My favorite of what I did see was "The Imitation Game". That one is excellent. I haven't seen Birdman either.

e said...

I only saw three--Imitation Game, Bird man and The Theory of Everything. Imitation Game was the best among them. Since I frequently suffer from broken sleep, when I do have a solid night's rest, I really notice a difference. Glad you had a good visit.

The Bug said...

Laughed out loud at Olga's poop :)

MaryAnn said...

Dogs will eat almost anything if it smells or looks like food. Love the poop comment

Elizabeth said...

I love the title of this post and the photo of the white house. I often fantasize about a "rest cure," where nurses bring me meds in a little Dixie Cup and I lie on a chaise longue and read novels and gaze out at Lake Geneva.

ellen abbott said...

sleep is a mystery, why we do it and why we can't do it. I wake up in the wee hours quite often and can't get back to sleep for several hours. I read somewhere that that might be a more natural sleep pattern. but a good night's uninterrupted sleep is wonderful.