Monday, February 9, 2015

Passport to Pimlico

Yesterday I was up in Golders Green working on, of course, Bleeding London. I had a good long walk and photographed 45 streets. The sun was out, which made a nice change from the day before.

Otherwise, it was a pretty low-key day. I think we got Olga's boarding arranged for March, when we'll be briefly out of the country, and I finally watched an old movie that I've had saved on our TV recorder since the beginning of October. It was called "Passport to Pimlico," a black-and-white British comedy from the '40s that imagined a London neighborhood suddenly being declared foreign soil, with all the attendant complications. I liked it.

Last night, leftovers. Skyping with Dave's parents. The usual Sunday night stuff.

(Photo: A latch on a gate in Golders Green.)


  1. That's such a beautiful blue -- like cornflowers, I think. And I love the name of the place where you took the photograph: so very British.

  2. I love old doors and that blue is wonderful.

  3. That blue. Yes.
    We had leftovers last night too. Soup. Delicious.

  4. Sunday's must be leftovers night. Us too.