Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hampstead Heath Extension

It's the weekend, which means the obligatory photo of Olga on a walk. Yesterday we went to Hampstead Heath Extension, where I'd never been before. It's a thumb-like projection of land extending northward from the West Heath and Sandy Heath. She goes there with her dog-walker, and seemed to know her way around. Doesn't she look authoritative?

(And impatient!)

That's a drinking fountain off to the right -- a memorial to someone whose name I've already forgotten. So it goes, to quote Kurt Vonnegut.

I photographed the streets around the park for Bleeding London and then we headed home -- but that short sentence summarizes a couple of hours of activity. It was quite a walk. The area is very posh, and I felt a little intimidated to be standing on tiny dead-end streets with a handful of very grand houses, holding a camera. I was sure someone would call the police or ask me what the heck I was doing. But no one did.

I have completely surrendered one pair of my shoes to muddy dog-walking. They will never be the same.

You can't really read that can, but it's an empty from a Bulldog Power energy drink. Olga seems to think she's in trouble.

Last night we had one of Dave's coworkers over for dinner, along with her boyfriend. Dave whipped up his standard four-course feast of beef short ribs and pretty much spent the entire day in the grocery store and the kitchen -- which of course he loves. I managed to get all the dishes done last night so when I woke up the kitchen was completely clean, which always makes me happy and helps me greet the day correctly!


  1. Olga looks like she was trying the thug life- drinking energy drinks and smoking cigs- and got caught.
    I HAVE to wash the dishes every night. It is the law. I could not possibly wake up to a dirty kitchen. Mornings are hard enough, thank-you.

  2. My mother also always washed the dishes before she went to bed. Sadly, I am NOT my mother. But I'm going in the kitchen here in a few minutes to wash today's & yesterday's dishes :)

    Olga is just most amazingly photogenic dog.

  3. Dave , wow, COOKS!!! man I would love that, I would be glad to wash every dish, as is now I still wash every dish AND cook but not like Dave! Olga!!! Such a great little dog she is!

  4. One of these days you will post without using the term "Bleeding London" and I will do a no-handed cartwheel.

  5. I think you should do a photo book of Olga environmental portraits. She is the most photogenic dog I have ever seen. No doubt you have the eye.