Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Snowy Day

Yesterday's snowfall left Olga sniffing and snorting in the back garden. I'm not sure she understood why everything changed so dramatically. She didn't seem very put off, though -- she still expected her walk as usual.

Poor Totoro was left with a cap of flakes.

There's nothing left of our horseradish at this point. Dave tucked a couple of bulbs into the pot, which are coming up at the outer edge.

Despite the snow -- which left me slip-sliding on the sidewalk in my fancy Swedish shoes that I inherited from Dave because he doesn't like them (and wouldn't you think Sweden would know how to make snow-appropriate shoes?) -- we did have school as usual yesterday.

I finished purging the elementary school library's patron list. In all, I eliminated 555 departed parents -- including a well-known actress and a countess -- as well as 40 departed students and several faculty and staff members. I would love to gossip about who had what overdue books and unpaid fines but I suppose I must remain discreet.

By the time I came home last night, all the snow was melted. We're back to muddy normal.


  1. Yeah. Give us a hint. We won't tell anyone.

  2. I'm glad you took these photos. I didn't expect quite so much on the ground.

  3. Maybe Olga found the whole thing fascinating...or was she just annoyed to get her paws wet?

  4. Your back garden looks like something out of a storybook.