Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Last night was a night for staying inside. The weather was pretty clear but it was cold, at least for London. About 30º F, I think, and it felt colder.

I had a meeting with some of the Royal Photographic Society folks in Covent Garden, and I had some time to walk around a bit beforehand. The streets were fairly empty. Everyone was warming up in the nearest pub!

Poor Admiral Nelson was virtually all alone in Trafalgar Square, perched atop his column...

...and the cafes in Covent Garden, where you'd be lucky to find a place to sit on many nights, were completely empty. (I was surprised they were even open, but I suppose they were meant to hint at the warmth available inside the restaurants.)

At the meeting we talked about our urban photography projects. I've chosen to photograph barber shops, something that I do along with Bleeding London when I'm out and about. A (quickly and badly written, by me) article about my photos appears in this month's London RPS newsletter.

By the time I got home last night, about 9:30 p.m., I was as cold as I have ever been in my life. It's weird, because I've been in colder temperatures elsewhere and I was wearing my coat, but I was really chilled to the bone. I ate a peanut butter sandwich for dinner and got into bed, where I finally warmed up.

And now, there's snow on the grass, which I hope to photograph as soon as it gets light outside!


  1. Wow...so sorry to hear you were uncomfortable...I recently read an article that said hats, socks and gloves help maintain body temperature and can assist in the prevention of chills and sickness in colder weather, so I hope you had more than your coat. I now wear socks to bed and have noticed that I stay warmer through the night. Smart wool is my favorite brand. These photos are interesting. I'm surprised that restaurants put outdoor seating around in the winter.

  2. I love the article!
    It's about forty here this morning and I am colder than you know what.
    Can't wait to see the snow!

  3. Brrrr... I got a bit of chill just reading this. It's funny how our bodies adjust to different climates. I was so cold a year ago when I visited London but all the time I kept thinking what's wrong with me. After all, I spent 2 winters in Chicago and never got that cold.

  4. we're in our yo yo part of winter. warm then cold then warm then cold. the cold days always seem colder that when it stays cold.

  5. Hmm - I know someone who makes hats :)

  6. We are same-same, weather here very cold, the damp bone chilling cold that only subsides in the hot tub, or under a mountain of blankets and warm dog. My poor little bird is always fluffed up. The article is great, Mr. Humble