Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Leg of Lamb Survival

Remember how we debated whether to eat that leg of lamb from Sunday night? And you all advised us not to?

Well, we did. And we all went to the A&E last night!

No, I'm kidding. We did eat it, but we were fine. Dave cut it up and put it in a stew, and we figured with another hour or so of steady cooking it should be perfectly safe. And it was. Delicious, too, and I am not normally a lamb fan at all. (Well, unless it's living and gallivanting around in a field.)

I had lots of very, very bizarre dreams last night, though, and I'm convinced that lamb was the cause. My brain was gallivanting around in its own hallucinogenic field. They weren't even dreams I could begin to explain -- I was at work, but with people I didn't know, and it wasn't really work, and at one point I was jogging around the building with no pants. Who knows?

We had a quiet day yesterday, which is what Dave's parents needed -- some rest time. It was a bank holiday so Dave and I didn't need to go to work. We toiled in the garden in the morning, and then I took Olga up to the cemetery for a romp. Dave has almost finished planting all the plants he bought within the past few weeks -- some hydrangeas, more alchemilla, some geums, and some others. Oh, and remember that geum I accidentally pulled up a few weeks ago, thinking it was a weed? Well, we replanted it and it seems fine. Durable little devil!

(Photos: Borage, or green alkanet, in our garden. It's a weed, but we've decided to leave it near the back wall, and it's formed a huge bushy colony that's blooming profusely.)


  1. What a good idea to stew the lamb,. Well done.
    Your posts have been very entertaining of late and caused me to often laugh out loud.

    Inappropriately I'm sure.

    It's my intention to lift a paragraph out of the post about Dave's parents and their cruise experience to send to a couple of over-seventies considering their first ocean cruise...

    Ms Soup

  2. I didn't dare comment the other day, but I would have eaten it too. Four hours isn't really all that long to be out.

    If you like crazy dreams, I've heard strong cheese before bed will help. When we are on holiday, I eat them on purpose after dessert because I like crazy dreams on holiday.

  3. I've been enjoying your blog for some months now, reading intially because of the photos and then drawn in to your daily life (and that of Olga). Felt the need to post now as you should know that Borage Will Take Over Your Garden when it seeds! (Speaking from experience in South London.)

  4. Oh good. I'm glad you're still with us.
    I was glad that I wasn't the one making the decision - my first thought was, A whole leg of lamb!!

  5. All's well that ends well!

    Glad you were just kidding about the ER. What does A&E stand for by the way?

  6. I'll trade you my crazy dreams for yours.
    Glad that the lamb was fittin' to eat.

  7. w've done something similar. eaten something questionable after recooking it for an hour or so and we were fine. Borage (thanks to Nicholas)...I knew it looked familiar but couldn't place the name of the blue flower.

  8. Nice to see you were not sick from the stew. How is Dave's father?

  9. I was also thinking four hours wasn't THAT long (given how long we leave food out a family gatherings). Glad you were all ok, although now I'm a little sad for Olga's missed treat :)

    Oh & the pants-free dream - LOL! I have such dreams - although usually it's me without a shirt. Very embarrassing. You know if you were wearing your kurta no one would have even noticed.

  10. Ms Soup: Inappropriate laughter is healthy! By all means, lift what you will. It's a matter of public safety!

    MWA: Yeah, that's what we figured -- four hours shouldn't be harmful. As for the dreams, I don't really seek them out!

    Nicholas: Thanks for commenting, and thanks for the warning! When we moved here the garden hadn't been maintained at all and borage was EVERYWHERE. We've been working to confine it in certain areas. It IS kind of pretty, but yes, it needs to be managed.

    Marty: I know! It was a really GOOD leg of lamb, too. Cost something like £60!

    37P: Oh, I should have clarified that! A&E stands for Accident and Emergency.

    Ms Moon: I think yours are crazier than mine, I agree. I think you just have more imagination. :)

    Ellen: I wouldn't have done it with chicken, but with lamb it seemed like a reasonable gamble.

    E: He is feeling MUCH better. In fact he seems pretty much normal. He's on his antibiotics and taking Tylenol.

    Bug: Don't feel bad for Olga. We gave her a hunk of it. :)

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