Sunday, August 30, 2015

Kilburn Grange Park

I took Olga to a new park yesterday, Kilburn Grange, which is south and west of us. We never walk in that direction but it's not far away, and I don't know why I don't go there more -- especially when, like yesterday, I just can't face the long schlep to Hampstead Heath.

Olga was perfectly happy with the outing, even though Kilburn Grange is much smaller and more manicured than the wilderness of the Heath. We found a neatly laid out rose garden...

...and Olga could lie in the nearby grass and watch squirrels in the trees.

There was even a bit of graffiti to give the park an urban flavor! (That's busy Kilburn High Road right behind those buildings, definitely an urban venue.) We'll probably go here more often now that I've reminded myself it exists.

The afternoon was lightly rainy, as predicted. I got a lot of housework done, finished the book I was reading and even took a nap, which is unheard of for me. It felt great!


  1. Sounds great, and boy does she look happy!

  2. I love seeing Olga enjoying her romp in the park.

  3. Olga may well be one of the happiest creatures on this earth. Sometimes I am just flat-out jealous of her.

  4. On the google map it looks equidistant to the Heath but one is up hill and one is more level, that is what my computer says anyway, and it can walk right up to your front door! OLGA, so glad to be!!!

  5. I took a nap yesterday - very unusual for me too! Maybe because I've been weaning myself off of caffeine (somewhat unintentionally - I was running out of teabags with caffeine so I've been making half decaf).

    That looks like a lovely space for Olga to be her Olga self!