Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Get Well, Hillary

Poor Hillary Clinton. She must be exhausted. I hate the fact that just because she got sick, the right-wingers will harp on about how physically unfit she is to be president. It's almost as if they conjured this situation from thin air, muttering dark suspicions about her health until she really was ill. A presidential campaign could make anyone sick.

I wish she'd been more forthcoming late last week, when she first got the news that she had pneumonia, but I totally get why she wasn't. The Clintons have been so hammered by their opposition for so many years that they're hyper-defensive. Who wouldn't be, in that situation? Unfortunately, their desire to control the narrative often seems to backfire.

I told Dave we should send her a get-well note. I could probably do it through Facebook, but then the Democrats would come after me for donations for the next 40 years.

I wasn't feeling so great myself yesterday. I had to take some Tums at work, and then after lunch I put my head down on the table in my boss's office and dozed off. It's a good thing I'm not running for president, because wouldn't that photo have been entertaining on the front page!

I often experience significant fatigue right after lunch, but I usually fight through it. (This is partly why I hate having an hour-long lunch break. I'd rather just eat and get right back to work, so I can stay active.) Anyway, there's been some flu-like bug going around and many of my co-workers have been afflicted. If that's what struck me it was very mild.

Our tomato plant has suddenly dumped about six ripe tomatoes in our laps. It looks like more are on the way, as long as relatively warm weather holds. We're farmers!

(Photo: Rotherhithe, on Sunday.)


  1. In case you really feel fatigue after lunch you probably eat the wrong things? Avoid "wrong" carbohydrates for lunch, better you eat more vegetables/salads/soups/fruits and maybe you should drink more water and have a nice walk around the block.

    Sad, so many pubs in GB are closing.

  2. A couple of foaming pints of brown ale at "The Little Crown" would do Hillary a world of good. I am sure that when Trump's medical results are out we will discover that he is really Superman in disguise. However, in my view a man of seventy is too old to run for president. I like Hillary but she is also too old. She should be sitting at home knitting and watching daytime TV not preparing to run the second* most powerful nation on the planet.

    * after Yorkshire

  3. I am sure Rudy Giuliani is over the moon about Hillary's illness. He has been on t.v. constantly here, harping about her health, in addition to a number of ridiculous other things. He is deranged. The amount of media attention to her being ill, and especially the tone of it all, is also ridiculous. More horrifying, however, is that Trump is polling close to her in so many places.

    And I don't necessarily want to see Trump's health records. I want to see his tax returns.

  4. I know I couldn't possibly keep up the schedule Hillary has to follow to campaign. I remember how hard she worked as Secretary of State. Always on the go.
    I think no one in this position wants to acknowledge any weakness just for the reasons mentioned. It will be harped on endlessly by Trump and co.
    It is terrifying how many people are taken in by Trump who really has no clue about the overwhelming responsibilities of the presidency. It's just an ego trip for him.
    For you, Steve, maybe the school needs a nap room like the tech companies have so that half hour of snoozing restores your energy.

  5. Oh god. I HATE that post prandial, MUST CLOSE MY EYES feeling. It's so intense sometimes that I really think we should all take naps after lunch. The world would be a better place.
    Trust me.
    And Hillary? Jesus. The woman has kept the schedule of a woman a third her age. How has she done it? And meeting all those people? God knows what she's been exposed to. She has my deepest respect.

  6. Did you wake up with tell-tale red marks on your head? I dare not put my head down because I will. The siesta is much under-rated.

  7. this country is on a precipice. do we step back from the edge or do we plummet over into Trump totalitarianism. And now he's pledged to unite the country under one god. so forced obeisance to the flag and Pledge of Allegiance (fuck freedom of speech and expression), expulsion of all unauthorized residents (might as well tear down the Statue Of Liberty), and christian supremacy (fuck freedom of religion and separation of church and state).

  8. The Hiliary thing results from the whole system ignoring what's most important: policy.

  9. The whole media coverage about Hillary's illness is enough to drive me mad. While the Washington Post has uncovered how Trump has been mishandling his Foundation for years, the only thing we get is news about a Hillary stumbling. And, all the while Trump is out there calling her unfit for office because she called some of his supporters despicable. Never mind that he is the king of name calling. The man has no moral compass. Why can't some people see that?

  10. Kaki: I don't necessarily avoid carbs, but I always eat veg and fruit at lunch, too. Our cafeteria is pretty good about serving us healthy food. I think it has more to do with the natural after-meal lethargy that most animals feel. It's just nature!

    YP: Be careful. We'll wage war on you.

    Elle: Giuliani IS deranged. That man's a nutcase.

    Cheryl: I would LOVE a nap room! My dad used to lie down in his office after lunch when he worked at the university -- but of course he had the luxury of a private office, which I don't have.

    Ms Moon: I know! It IS an intense feeling. And yes, Hillary has my respect too.

    Jenny-O: I was just hoping I wasn't drooling!

    Ellen: He is a nightmare. How people can go along with him I will never know. But I have faith that the flexible US system, with its checks and balances, can survive even a Trump presidency should the unthinkable happen. (And I don't think it will happen.)

    Red: Personality has always dominated our presidential elections. I like the British system, where voters elect the party, and not the person.

    Sharon: A co-worker was pointing out that the hubbub over Hillary's illness is really inherently sexist -- an emphasis on the "weakness" of women. I think it's a good point. If a man got sick, there wouldn't be nearly this much uproar.