Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wood Nymph and Crone

Olga and I found this lovely lady reclining beneath a tree on West End Green yesterday morning. We quickly scurried away. She seemed to need privacy.

Nearby was her companion, a wizened visage with a missing ear. (It was lying on the ground next to him/her.)

We took neither of them home. Dave was thrilled.

Yesterday was a much busier day overall. I had plenty to do, and plenty to tell Dave at the end of it all. So, you know, every day is different. Most of it was inside baseball that would not make good blogging, though.

After work I met up with one of the French teachers, as I did a few weeks ago, to help her with her photo book while she helped me speak French. And another colleague brought me a bottle of wine as a thank-you for a little favor I've been doing for him each week. The barter system, alive and well!

Finally, a few days ago I saw a blog post by my friend Kenneth linking to Juice Newton's video for the song "The Sweetest Thing," and since then I cannot get that or "Queen of Hearts" out of my head. I hadn't heard either one in decades -- what ever happened to ol' Juice, anyway? I was in high school when she was at peak popularity, and we all heard her practically every week on "America's Top 40" with Casey Kasem. I certainly remember every note. When you learn something at a certain age, it never leaves you!


  1. If I had found a clay bust of myself while out walking I would have been spooked but you appear to have taken it in your stride. The resemblance is uncanny.

  2. Steve, came over to say you hit the nail on the proverbial head with your comment on my blog about the need for more sensible gun laws. As always, I really appreciate your thoughtful engagement.

    And I'm with Mary on those sculptures though I'm intrigued by the way they've turned nature into an art gallery.

  3. that's a thing now I guess. leaving art in public places for someone to take home if they are so moved. but, yeah, a bit creepy.

  4. Barter and cooperation is what makes schools run. I also liked being able to work on teams! Well yesterday I would have had lots to tell the micro manager and I'm retired!!!

  5. Someone in the neighborhood must be trying their hand at sculpting.
    I'll be keeping my eye open for you while I'm roaming the streets of London.

  6. Interesting in a creepy way, though I do like your photos...

  7. OMG - Juice Newton! I haven't thought about her in YEARS! I loved Angel of the Morning... I just checked out her wiki pages. Apparently she's still in the music business, but she also does horse trading?!

  8. Casey Kasem! There's a name I haven't heard in years, although he was a staple of our Saturday afternoons for years, and I believe he still had a program airing when our son was in his pre-teen or early teen years. An institution, he was!

    I'd be thrilled, too, if my partner did not take those statues home :)