Sunday, September 4, 2016

Reflection on a Simple Saturday

Olga and I went to Fortune Green and the cemetery yesterday afternoon. Olga found a gravestone so black and shiny she could see herself in it. Or, she could have if she'd looked -- she's never shown any interest in or awareness of her own reflection. (Apparently she isn't as smart as an elephant.)

We were promised rain in the afternoon, so, like an idiot, I puttered around the house all morning and watched a movie after lunch -- "Garden State," which I loved when I saw it in the theater in 2004 and still love now. Then I took the dog for a walk, and of course, we got rained on.

I got a lot of stuff done, though -- housecleaning, laundry, some gardening and journal-transcribing. (I took about a month off from that latter project, so now I'm just getting back to it.) A productive Saturday, overall!


  1. It's always good to keep an eye on the weather forecast Steve. I hope you have learnt your lesson.

  2. Those puttering yet productive Saturday's are the best. To my mind, getting rained on only adds to the feeling of being cozy and happy once back home.

  3. I swear- I could NOT figure out that picture of Olga until I read your explanation.
    I frequently say that I wait to take my walks until it's "warmed up nicely"- i.e., it's about 89 degrees.
    Puttering is the best.

  4. Gotta love a Saturday that combines something productive with sloth time on the couch.

  5. You get a lot done in a hurry. I guess I should speed up.

  6. RAIN, get used to it, tis the season!

    Olga looks good in black.

  7. Super cool reflection photo! Love. And just doing "stuff" aka puttering around is good for the soul.

  8. Another putterer here. That headstone is as good as a mirror! Our cats don't seem to see themselves in the mirror either. Or maybe they just can't be bothered reacting :)

  9. Oh, I loved Garden State and forgot about it! Such a good soundtrack, too. I think I might watch it myself tonight!

  10. YP: Well, I've found that in England -- as you know -- you just have to accept that you're going to get rained on.

    37P: Well, that's true. It made both me and Olga appreciate our dry house!

    Ellen: As do I!

    Ms Moon: I can see how the picture would be confusing!

    Marty: Exactly! The perfect combination!

    Red: Well, it's not as fast as I make it sound. :)

    Linda Sue: Rain, tis true! Olga looks good in everything. :)

    Lynne: It is, and it's also necessary from a housekeeping point of view.

    Jenny-O: It's funny how animals don't see reflections. You'd think from an evolutionary point of view that would be valuable.

    Elizabeth: It IS a great soundtrack! Definitely one of the movie's strong points!