Thursday, September 8, 2016

Produce 2

It looks like we might get some tomatoes after all! They're finally starting to ripen. I tried to get Dave to pick the one above last night, but he said it needs another day or two on the vine. I hope it doesn't prove too tempting to birds or slugs or other garden critters.

So far, we have three that are turning red. None of them would win a beauty contest, but at this point I just want one that's edible. (Without resorting to the Garden Consolation Prize of fried green tomatoes.)

Meanwhile, you may remember we also have an apple tree in the garden. I never mention it because we don't eat the apples, which are hard and sour. This year we barely got any blossoms in the spring, and consequently there were only one or two apples. And yesterday we spied one of them atop our neighbor's pergola, gnawed by tiny rodent teeth.

At least someone's enjoying them.


  1. The two plum tomatoes together remind me of something, something familiar... but for the life of me I can't think what it might be.

  2. That top tomato looks ready to me! And they'll ripen on the windowsill without having to worry about something eating them. Besides y'all, of course.

  3. as Ms Moon says, they will ripen nicely inside. It's been years since I've been able to grow tomatoes. the first couple of years at the country house they were bountiful but the weather has been so crazy here lately that they haven't done well. and then this spring there was the whole 'hot' dirt thing.

  4. You will have let us know how they are once you taste them.

  5. Now you have made me crave fried green dad used to make them when we were little and he had a huge garden out back. Delicious and not remotely healthy (the way he made them).

  6. I pick green tomatoes all the time and bring them in the house to ripen. They have to be finished growing that's all.

  7. I hope your tomatoes are delicious when you do eat them. I have yellow tomatoes growing out of my compost sprawling all around on the grass. They're not brilliant but okay as free tomatoes.

  8. YP: I cannot imagine what you're talking about.

    E: Three, actually! We're rich!

    Ms Moon: I am trying to convince Dave of that. He is loath to remove them from the plant until they're ripe.

    Ellen: Have I heard about the "hot dirt" thing? We've had problems here too, due to cold/damp spring weather.

    Sharon: Will do! See next post!

    Elle: Well, health isn't everything. :) I'm sure we'll have plenty of green ones to do something with.

    Red: OK, good to know! Ours are pretty large, just green.

    Cheryl: That's pretty cool! Tomatoes are tougher than we think they are, I guess!