Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Russian Music

This is where Dave and I had dinner last night, with our friends Gordon and Donna, on the way to Cadogan Hall to see Valery Gergiev conducting the Mariinsky Orchestra. It's a cute little pub. We've had hit-or-miss experiences here, but last night it was good and we had the upstairs virtually to ourselves, so we could talk in a quiet environment.

The Mariinsky program consisted of three Prokofiev symphonies (yes, three) and a violin concerto. We stayed for the first two symphonies and the concerto, but by that time we'd hit the two-hour mark and I persuaded Dave that we needed to get home to the dog. So we scuttled out before the last symphony. I think the evening was a bit over-programmed. Fortunately, our tickets were free, through a connection at school.

They did play the "classical" symphony, which is probably Prokofiev's most famous. I remember studying it in college. I've always liked it, but I'm realizing as I hear more Prokofiev that it's not very representative of the rest of his work, which tends to be a lot more bizarre and less melodic.

I'm having quite the Accidental Autumn of Russian Music, between this performance and the one we saw at Royal Albert Hall several weeks ago, and the book I recently read on Shostakovich! (Not to mention our recent re-screening of "Doctor Zhivago," which may not represent Russian music but certainly Russian history and culture.)

Work is pretty low-key this week. The high school students are all away on school trips, so it's just the middle-schoolers in the library. They check out the bulk of our books, though, so there's still plenty to do.

Oh, and I got my ballot for the upcoming U.S. election! Woo hoo! I'm going to try to get that mailed off today.


  1. Reading your students still visit your library gives me hope, that they apparently have more interests than tapping on their mobile phones and games consoles.

  2. More evidence that you are in fact a Russian psychology professor in disguise - in spite of virtual agent "e" and Agent "Ms Moon" leaping to your defence yesterday. "The Antelope" was a well-known meeting place for Russian spies during The Cold War. I guess you'll be voting for Putin.

  3. Dang, Yorkshire has figured out our dastardly disguises.
    Thank you for voting. Seriously. Let's get this thing done.

  4. My mother would have said
    " lovely show"

  5. Doctor Zhivago was one of my favorite movies. I still have the "record".

  6. Being able to talk at dinner is one of my main requirements in an eating establishment :)

    Accidental Autumn of Russian Music LOL Yorkshire Pudding's comments LOL Ms Moon playing along LOL

  7. Regardless of its provenance, The Antelope looks like a great place to dine (and drink). Ура!

  8. Kaki: We've found that Middle School students, from fifth to about seventh grade, read pretty consistently. When they get older, they often don't have time for much recreational reading. There's a lot more socializing and schoolwork to contend with. Getting high school students to read extra-curricular novels is always a challenge for us.

    YP: Are you channeling Donald Trump and the John Birch Society?

    Ms Moon: I have done my part!

    John: And it was a Lovely Show, even if that's not quite how I would put it. :)

    Red: It's one of my favorites, too. I do not, however, have the record. :)

    Jenny-O: I agree. I hate noisy restaurants. And yes, YP always brings a touch of levity to the party, doesn't he?

    Catalyst: Yeah, I've completely changed my mind about that place. I was lukewarm before, but I like it now. Thumbs up!