Saturday, November 4, 2017

Adventures in X-ray Technology

Well, I survived my hospital tests yesterday. Of course they took longer than expected, and I ran into not one but two people I know. Or I should say I saw them from afar -- because when you're at the hospital, you don't want to engage anyone from the outside world and have to explain why you're there. You know? I just kept my head down. If I'd had a scarf and sunglasses I'd have worn them too, like Patty Duke's character in "Valley of the Dolls": "I am merely traveling incognito."

I got to the hospital at about 9 a.m. and got to work at around noon. I guess that's not too terrible for both an X-ray and a blood draw. My X-ray technician, Sheldon, was an upbeat young guy who seemed mystified about whether my name, Stephen, should be pronounced "Steven" or "Steffen." I've been getting this all my life. "It's 'Steven,'" I told him.

Steve is so much easier for everyone.

He offered to show the X-ray to a radiologist right away, so I could get an answer about whether it detected anything suspicious, but for some reason I said no. I guess I was already settled on the fact that it would take a week to get a response, and I didn't want to have to hang around another half an hour waiting for the radiologist's verdict. I was already anxious about missing a morning of work. In hindsight it would have made sense to wait, but oh well.

In other news, I am so relieved that Bowe Bergdahl didn't get more prison time for walking off his base in Afghanistan. Having read a lot about his case and listened to the second season of the Serial podcast, which was devoted to it, I am convinced that he had maturity and mental health issues at the time that warrant a degree of leniency. Besides, the guy was already held prisoner and tortured for five years by the Taliban! Isn't that enough?! I think this verdict is just (although there are still questions about whether Bergdahl deserves his dishonorable discharge). Donald Trump is all outraged by it, and as far as I'm concerned that's even more evidence that it's the right decision.

(Photo: Flocks of pigeons on the roof outside the hospital entrance yesterday.)


  1. How outrageous that Trump should moan about Bowe Bergdahl's sentence! After all at the time of the Vietnam war, Trump was too cowardly to fight for his country. He or his family's wealthy lawyers pretended Trump had bone spurs even though he played vigorous sports throughout his college days and there is no evidence that he had hospital treatment to attend to these mythical spurs. He should keep his big mouth shut.

  2. I hope the test results are normal and that you make a quick recovery.

  3. Hope all tests come back fine. I've been sick too, so I'm just waiting to see what your test results say, and then I'll assume that my ongoing coughing is whatever you have. That's how I do my medical care these days. LOL.
    I love the photo.
    And, as you write, if Trump is outraged by the verdict that's even more evidence it's the right decision.

  4. I agree with YP! Trump has no right to criticize anyone. His own cowardice record is out there for everyone to see.

  5. And I agree with YP, robin and Sharon on Trump. The U.S. voters who elected him should be so ashamed. Re the pigeon picture, is the woman actually looking at them or is she a poster picture?

  6. I hope your tests show nothing wrong and it's just a matter of time and rest to feel better. I hadn't heard about the Bergdahl issue; thanks for the link.

  7. I, too, am relieved about the Bergdahl decision. After all those years of torture he should not have to face prison. My great concern now is where will he live that he will get care and be safe.

    I hope that you are feeling better and that the tests are all normal.

  8. YP: Believe me, nothing would make me happier than Trump keeping his mouth shut. If only.

    Red: Thanks!

    Robin: I'm not sure my tests will be valid for you -- ha! But I wonder if the fires have contributed to air pollution out your way that left you coughing. I wouldn't be surprised!

    Sharon: Absolutely. He's just throwing red meat to the hard-core military types.

    Catalyst: The woman is on a poster. She just happened to be looking in the right direction! (This is an example of a photo that shows the limitations of the iPhone. She's so dark, and I couldn't lighten her up much more than this. If I'd had my big camera I'd probably have more options, but then, I'd have to have been carrying that big ol' camera! It's a trade-off.)

    Jenny-O: Thanks! I'm doing some resting and some not. Hopefully I'm balancing things out!

    Cheryl: I hope he goes back to Idaho and the people who know him best. Seems to me that's where he belongs. But then, what do I know?

  9. I wanted to share with you a friend whose son was named Stephen. She was ordering a magazine subscription for him over the phone and she said, "that's Stephen with a PH." When it arrived, Sports Illustrated, I believe, it was addressed to Pheven.

  10. Susan: Ha! I've dealt with a lot of clueless people when it comes to spelling my name, but never one THAT clueless.