Sunday, November 5, 2017

Yin and Yang

Yesterday was a bit rainy, and hence a day to do all the little things I have been meaning to do for ages.

First, I read more of my novel, "Refuge," about an Iranian family and the clash of cultures between the West and the Middle East. I think I mentioned that the author is coming to our school in about a week to discuss the book, so I want to be ready. I'm about two-thirds of the way through now.

I also hung some pictures in our front room, including two woodblock prints I found on the street in broken frames -- they're original art and quite nice, but someone clearly didn't want to mess with reframing them. So I took them to a frame shop and bought them new homes. (Why are frames so freaking expensive?!) They look great now, though.

That's one of them on the left -- a picture of some guys trimming street trees. It's very Londony, isn't it, with that line of terraced houses behind the workers? The other one depicts some guys in a sawmill. Clearly we have a wood theme going on here. (Because they're woodblock prints, perhaps?)

I did laundry. I took cuttings from our verbena to hopefully bring it through the winter. (I saw how to do this on a gardening show but I've never tried it myself; we'll see!) I registered on the website for our new health insurance plan, which will provide us with free cinema tickets if we jump through a few hoops each month in terms of maintaining our personal health. I'm still figuring out how all that works.

I took Olga to Fortune Green during a break in the rain, and we had a quick romp with the Kong and the fastest walk through the cemetery we've ever managed. (Apparently the cemetery closes at 4 p.m. now that it's getting dark earlier, so we had no time to linger.)

Finally, at my suggestion, Dave and I watched "The Graduate" for the umpteenth time -- the film that never, ever gets old. Earlier in the day, at Dave's suggestion, we watched "The Hunt for Red October," also for the umpteenth time. Yin and yang, folks -- that's what it's all about. Right?

(Top photo: Yin and yang graffiti I found on a recent LOOP walk.)


  1. To tell you the truth, I admire your highly-tuned recycling instinct and applaud you for giving those two random pictures a new life. I wonder what you will find next.

  2. You really do find some very nice discarded art there. Love the yin/yang graffiti too. It's been years since I've seen "The Graduate." A good reminder, might be nice to watch that again.

  3. Well, you know I'm a scavenger!
    So, I've watched half of a Netflix film called The Meyerowitz Stories, New and Selected, and Dustin Hoffman plays a blow-hard narcissistic sculptor and he does it so well that I hate him. It's good.

  4. About the thrown away art...some people have too much money and throw things away!!!

  5. ah yes, the yin/yang. the balance. all things in moderation.

  6. Coincidentally SWMBO has been planning a Yin and Yang symbol in our back yard done with rocks of some kind.

    Yes, "The Graduate" never does get old. Likewise, "Tootsie", though I'm feeling a bit sad about Hoffman's reported sexist comments.

  7. You know, your true calling my be as the owner of an antique salvage shop. You certainly have the eye, and also the heart. That's a beautiful print.

  8. I have one word for you...plastics! :-) Those are both good movies!
    I love that woodcut. I can't image why someone would just toss it out. I'm glad you saved it. And, yes framing is outrageously expensive. Because I belong to that art club, we have shows every now and then and I cringe when a show comes up and I have to get some things framed. Even with half price coupons, it still runs close to $300.

  9. Yes, why IS framing so expensive?! I guess there's more to it than the four pieces of wood, but you really have to love a piece to get it done professionally. That one looks worth it.

  10. I think Dave & I have more in common, cinematically, than you two do. I love the Hunt for Red October! We just watched The Sum of All Fears last night :)

    We have GOT to figure out how to get our art on the walls. Our lease specifies no nails.