Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I had dinner last night with the visiting Aileen, of "Infinite Connections." We met for a drink at Temple Bar, one of my favorite New York City bars, and then had dinner nearby at Quartino on Bleecker Street, a mostly vegetarian place that always pleases. It’s always fun to compare notes with another blogger!

I admire Aileen’s blog because she writes very personally about her life, much more openly than I do about mine. She’s partly shielded by a veil of anonymity, but even so, she’s quite courageous in what she reveals. I’m still a pretty cautious blogger, by contrast.

(Of course, blogs are continually evolving animals. If you look back at my earliest posts you’ll see that they’re very limited, and I’ve since become much more open.)

I think readers want openness. They want to peer into the blogger's life and see what’s going on. That’s why they’re on the blog, after all -- to learn about another person and hence about themselves, about humanity.

I also get the sense that maybe Aileen is more certain about her goals and desires than I am. I just kind of cruise along, taking things as they come, with very few defined goals. I’m not sure this makes for compelling reading, but what can I say -- we are who we are!

(Photo: Bushwick, Brooklyn, Oct. 2008)


  1. It's difficult to be very open when one's daughter reads one's blog!

  2. I'm so glad the two of you got together. I love spending time with Aileen. She has great insight into my life as well as her own. When I look out at that Maypole still standing in my yard, it makes me feel good to know that some good connections came of that day!

    And Tut-Tut, I can appreciate the effect of family reading one's Blog. I have to remind my self to be careful from time to time as well.

  3. What I love about the world of blogging is that every individual can write about whatever they want to. I do believe that what people choose to write about is a very accurate measure of character.

    And aren't we all characters, eh?

    My first blog was very personal - I've moved in the opposite direction, writing more about ideas and whatever it is I'm thinking about than what goes on in my personal life. It feels a lot better to me to limit the scope of what I publish, and my readers don't seem to mind.

    Your blog is great - so YOU. I never miss it, ever (as you can guess, since I always comment).

  4. Steve, i need to link you someday cuz I hate to say it but I forgot about you while I was on vacation.
    Yeah, Aileen has a cool blog...she ain't afriad to share.
    I like yours because with just a few words and a picture you are able to convey some sense of life that appeals to me.
    Me...well, I'm all over the place...i ain't afraid to tell you whats going on with me, but mostly I'm just kinda throwin' words up there to see what sticks.
    Sometimes when I'm writing i just lose all sense of shame.
    I don't know if thats a good thing or not.

  5. Steve- Thanks so much for the kind words! As I said last night, I'm envious of your gift of photography that speaks volumes on your blog! Many times I've seen one of your pictures and thought "That would look cool on my wall!"

    As far as the subject of "openness" is considered, it's nice to hear when someone appreciates that. It is true that I have criticized a few times about how much / what I reveal on my blog-but I've received more supportive responses than critical ones. To me, I use my blog to help me in my growing / learning process (and I always secretly hope that others may somehow benefit from the lessons I'm currently learning.)

    In the world of blogging- it takes all kinds! :)

  6. you wrote: "get the sense that maybe Aileen is more certain about her goals and desires than I am".... you strike me in person (and in the blogosphere) as someone quite certain...

    I find it so odd on the impressions we have of ourselves and those we have of others!

    well, regardless, I love your blog and also aileen's and both of your blogs do seem to capture certain essences of your spirits and personalities!

  7. i was going to say something similar to kimy's comment...its just fascinating to compare perceptions

    and you're so nice Steve, you attribute such good motives to bloggers' peering activities...learning about humanity rather than nosiness


    this photo is great

  8. That mostly vegetarian dinner sounds great. Much as I enjoyed our blogger meet up and the greasy Chinese dinner in front of that spooky aquarium, let's have our next blogger dinner at Quartino or Angelica's Kitchen.

  9. Vaguely related to the graffiti photo - you so need to see this

  10. Did The Temple Bar have some good Hawaiian Music? The Temple Bar in Berkeley is a slack-key hangout and am just wondering if it's the same in the N-Y-C.

    I think that there's personal and then there is just TOO MUCH INFORMATION. :::smile::: sometimes there is a fine line between and betwixt the two.

  11. Boo-Hoo. Feeling very left out and sorry for myself at the moment for having missed a get together with you both. Perhaps next time...