Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Joan, part 2

Last night Gary and I went to see Joan Baez in concert at Town Hall, and once again she was terrific. You may remember I went to see her speak several weeks ago, and she played a few songs then. But this was the full concert experience.

She kept up an easy rapport with the adoring audience, and told a few funny show business stories -- about meeting Johnny Cash, for example. She said: “The first time I met Johnny he was with his first wife, and that’s how he introduced her.”

She also led a rousing audience cheer for Obama.

Here's Joan's set list, a mixture of some old classics and several songs by Steve Earl from her newest album, "Day After Tomorrow":

Scarlet Tide
God is God
Love Song to a Stranger
Farewell Angelina
Gospel Ship
Christmas in Washington
Long Black Veil
Wonderful World
The Rose of Sharon
Swing Low Sweet Chariot (acapella)
The Day After Tomorrow
Diamonds and Rust
I am a Wanderer
Love is Just a Four Letter Word

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Amazing Grace (acapella)

(Photo: Shadow of a porch railing in Bushwick, Brooklyn)


  1. The set list is like a ritual of healing. Wow! That must have been wonderful.

    I love thinking about the two of you out there soaking in all that beautiful music.

  2. I would love to see Joan live.

  3. just call me kermie!! I'm green. what a playlist....reya's comment is spot on!

    any chance joan is touring? gotta look that up! saw her most recently a few years ago at one of the massive peace marches in d.c. - she rocks!!!

    fun that she was reminiscing about johnny cash...

  4. The spirituals on the list and Long Black Veil are among my favorite songs of all time.

  5. She sings Amazing Grace like no one else does! I'm so happy you and Gary met up for this concert. Sounds like a great evening! Our country needs some amazing grace right about now.

  6. Thanks for setting this up! I had a great time with both you and Joan.