Friday, October 10, 2008


I've had the wonderful experience of breaking a filling in one of my teeth. At least, I think that's what's happened. I was eating lunch Wednesday (rice, of all things) when suddenly I bit down on something hard and rock-like. Now, one of my back teeth is very sensitive to cold and sugar, and it feels a bit jagged. I called my dentist yesterday, but of course his office was closed for Yom Kippur, so I'll have to try to get ahold of him this morning. This will be my first broken filling, if indeed that's what it is.

Last night as I was walking home from work I saw an interesting sight, and decided to capture it in a haiku. Not sure if I succeeded, but here goes.

Streaming smoke
Airplane at sunset:
Pink dragon

(Photo: Street art on Henry Street, Lower East Side, Oct. 2008)


  1. Good luck with your tooth. Isn't it funny how you cannot keep your tongue from exploring the jaggedness of the tooth?

  2. I love that little bleeding heart.

    And your haiku . . .

  3. Love the haiku and the image. I saw that pink dragon last night too. Beautiful.

    A broken filling is easily fixed, but so annoying! Good luck!

  4. That is indeed a haiku that immediately suggests an image. Well done!

    I hope your tooth survives. Teeth are vulnerable, but they are also quite fixable (for a price).

    I'm reminded that my mother has all but 6 of her teeth extracted when she was 23 because she simply couldn't afford to get them fixed. Most of us never get that desperate.

  5. Love the photo. Delicate graffiti is always a pleasure to find.

    Sometimes teeth just break, just give way after being cracked for awhile (esp those with fillings in them) I broke a tooth eating a salad on a Saturday night! It was late but my dentist is one of those 24 hour "loves an emergency" guys, so I was able to speak with him, get an instant painkiller Rx, and see him on Monday morning since I felt no panic. All went well.

  6. I am finally at the weekend house computer and able to give you this url:

    I know you will like their celebration of street art throughout the world.

    I have enjoyed your photos of street art. One of the most confusing I have ever seen was a calligraphy on a green utility box that said, "Panda Sex". I have thought about it for years... what did the author MEAN?! Still provoking my thoughts, Kelly

  7. Bummer on the tooth – hope you get it resolved soon. One way to stay off the sugar ;@

    Love the image and haiku - interesting play.

  8. see, Steve? you should be writing more poetry

  9. Imagine that! A Jewish dentist!

  10. I broke two teeth eating a bagel - on separate occasions. My teeth are made of chalk I am convinced.

  11. Lovely poem.
    I hope your toothy feels better.