Tuesday, October 28, 2008


When David and I went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, we had lunch in the downstairs cafeteria. Right outside the glass door was this eye-catching artwork -- "Gingivitisaurus," by Al Baio. It was staring at me the entire time I ate. Although I don't usually photograph art in museums and galleries, I decided by the end of the meal that I'd bonded with it and needed a photo.

Most of what we saw at the MFA was much more traditional -- Turners, Sargents, medieval altarpieces, Van Goghs, Monets (and Manets), you name it. It was an excellent collection, yet manageable, unlike the Metropolitan Museum, which is so vast that it's overwhelming. We didn't begin to see all of the Boston museum, but we saw a lot.

There's an excellent photography exhibit there now by Yousuf Karsh, as well as a small exhibit by Rachel Whiteread featuring an entire village of lit-up dollhouses in a dark room. Quite captivating!

There's also a show of Assyrian artifacts, but we skipped that. A little antiquity goes a long way, in my book.


  1. I love Boston, and agree with you about the Metropolitan Museum v. the Museum of Fine Arts.

    Gingivitisaurus is really scary - just right for Halloween!

  2. It's funny how a single piece will catch your eye and will long be your memory of a museum. Sounds like a civilized way to take in the MFA. You were probably secretly looking forward to getting back outside to enjoy walking around on such a beautiful Fall day.

  3. Had a nice, peaceful time here on your site catching up this morning.
    Love seeing your Boston Fall and the Gingivitusarus. Things are going well here. I am getting things done and feeling back to normal. Have a great week ... love from The Prairie. xo.

  4. Rachel Whiteread is BRILLIANT. I love her stuff.

    I'm with you, a little antiquity goes a long way . . .

  5. This piece remind me of Little Nemo, cuteness cheek by jowl with existential horror.

  6. Don't laugh, but that painting reminds me of a woman I once saw in a dental office! Can't wait for more pics!