Saturday, October 4, 2008

Corn Dog

One of the things I like most about graffiti is the psychology behind it. Sometimes you see things on walls that make you go, "Hmmmmm..."

For example, why is someone running around Brooklyn drawing pictures of corn dogs?

This particular corn dog even has a French accent.

We all know graffiti is about marking territory -- hence the popularity of tagging, which is just a way of saying, "I was here." Tags can also claim ownership, and going over someone's tag with your own is a sign of disrespect.

But somehow I think the corn-dogger is just having fun, which you have to admire.


  1. It's modern, and yet so retro. Tres chic, as one of those corn dogs would say.

    What I love is your eye. When you and I walk around taking pictures, you always see so many things I would never notice.

    Thanks, as always, for the view from inside your amazing and wonderful head.

  2. Without the faux-French, I might never have guessed these were corn dogs, thinking instead tadpole, sperm...

    Do you suppose he had just eaten a corn dog or was craving one? These are the details the artist leaves for us to invent.

  3. I hear lettuce had a corn dog when she visited coney island, now when exactly did these corn dog tags start popping up????

  4. I lik the corn dog. Tagging, not so much.

  5. Wow! Without your telling me, I, like Barbara, would have thought first of the tadpole or a single sperm, but corn dog art is really fun...

    I have corn dog stories from childhood, but they are not as much fun as this art!

    Your wonderful eye strikes again!

    Love it!

  6. indeed

    this kind of funny scrawly graffiti is probably pretty much my favourite kind...

  7. ha ha strange but funny!