Thursday, October 16, 2008


I watched the presidential debate last night. It’s the first debate I’ve seen, since I don’t have a television -- I went to a friend’s house and watched it there. McCain seemed awfully tightly wound.

I’ll be glad when this election is over. I’m not sure why the selection of our national leader always has to be such a toxic, soul-killing process. But it really is painful to watch and read about candidates attacking each other, not to mention the vast amount of misinformation (and disinformation) swirling around in the heads of voters. I think Obama has done a terrific job of maintaining a dignified tone -- far better than candidates in past elections.

Truthfully, though I do strongly support one of the candidates more than the other, I think we’d be better off with either one than who we have now. So we almost can't lose. (Provided the winner serves his full term in office. Check out this site.)

Anyway, enough about politics. When I was out in Bushwick over the weekend, I found this piece of goldenrod growing up from a crack in the sidewalk. I love goldenrod and its appearance every autumn. This one isn't blooming much yet, but soon it will be shaggy and yellow.


  1. Good Morning,

    Goldenrod is beautiful and this one is hearty, growing through concrete cracks...

    I watched part of the debates, intended to watch all, but got sick of McCain's sniping, and turned off.

    I wish our pols had better manners and would stop lying, etc. It almost makes me want to get rid of my old portable...

  2. I'm not sure I would recognize goldenrod if I saw it, although my nose might react to it. I do love the way you make something so simple the focus of your photo. I suppose that goes along with being in the present moment.

    As for the debates, I think we saw the beginnings of a temper tantrum last night. He managed to get himself under control enough to paste a forced smile across his face and shake hands at the end. But all in all, McCain remains unconvincing, and I am happy to say that more and more voters are saying the same thing.

  3. Life always finds a way through the cracks. I find that encouraging.

    And I agree with you that our presidential campaigns are toxic. We humans are social predators so there is always a nasty fight to figure out hierarchy. Same's true with dynasties and monarchies (brothers tossing each other into the dungeon or killing each other so as to take the throne, etc.)

    I liked the debate last night. Glad to see my beloved Obama smiling. He is handsome and accessible when he smiles, though he was telegraphing his opinion that McCain is pathetic with every grin.

    I like Keith Olbermann's characterization of McCain as the grumpy next door neighbor of Dennis the Menace, wearing a bathrobe and slippers. Oh yeah.

    A little more than 2 weeks and we'll be on to the next fresh hell ... eh?

  4. it has become insufferable. Three more weeks and we get a break for awile.

  5. I'm impressed no tv! we watched the debate... the best of the three presidential ones I thought.... and in my book the o man was clearly the winner - taking the high road especially when mccain just spouted off a total load of elephant dung!

    can't wait until this madness is over. such a waste of resources involved in these campaigns.

    thanks for the hysterical link to the palin presidential oval office - like all the little touches - science book in trash can, baby names, etc. yesterday terry gross interviewed a journalist from alaska and if you missed it should check it out if you have a half hour - it's excellent - very revealing about lots of things most of us don't know about the alaska can get it through fresh air

    since I don't have allergies I love goldenrod but know quite a few folks where this golden plane is the bane of their lives right now

  6. i think goldenrod could grow up through anything!

    all finished blooming over here though...

    i watched a report about the campaigning yesterday evening (Channel 4 news, which i reckon is pretty good?) which said the election is "Obama's to lose". Wonder if you agree? wonder if its true?


  7. Well, better off unless a certain Sarah P ascends to the top position.

  8. Oh rats!! The link won't work for for me.... maybe it's crumbled under the storm of hits.
    Ms Soup

  9. Lettuce: Obama certainly seems to be doing well, but never underestimate the dirty tricksters. Also, it remains to be seen whether people vote the way they say they plan to vote, given the questions of race.

    Soup: Keep trying! It's worth it!

  10. I have seen an article contending that the "Bradley effect" was due to the polls being inaccurate & race closer than was thought. The goldenrod is wonderfully subversive, next to the rigid elderly pipe - I am bringing politics to everything, yes I am.

  11. no tV!!!
    Damn, thats the most commendable thing I've ever heard.
    I am addicted to my tV...can't even sleep without it on...and I saw last night (On TV) that it takes a pound of coal to run a TV for 4 hours!
    Anyway, now i know how it is that youve read like 100 books in 3 years!
    Hi Steve!