Sunday, October 5, 2008

More Banksy

Here’s the second big Banksy mural that’s gone up in SoHo -- he’s on a roll! I went out yesterday morning and shot this, and then walked through Chinatown, which was fun. I really like that area, as long as I’m not in the frenzy of Canal Street.

I also stopped by the farmer’s market at Union Square, and noticed several people selling all kinds of Obama buttons. Funny, though -- there were no McCain buttons anywhere. I have yet to see a single piece of McCain campaign paraphernalia in New York.

I watched “Through a Glass Darkly” yesterday evening, the first film in Ingmar Bergman’s “Silence of God” trilogy. The other two parts are coming up next -- “Winter Light” and “The Silence.” Should be an uplifting week! (Actually, I really like Bergman -- his films are so stripped down, yet so beautiful and haunting.)


  1. I love Bergman films, though they aren't exactly jolly, are they? He definitely cleans all the extraneous stuff out of the mix. Very cool!

    LOVE the Banksy mural. The rats are so 19th century, like illustrations from some children's book.

    When I went into the fray of Canal Street the last time I was in NYC, I felt like I'd suddenly beamed myself straight into Calcutta. It's way too much. I love Chinatown, though, and Little Italy, too.

  2. I too have not run into anyone campaigning for McCain, with the exception of my across-the-street neighbors who immediately put up 2 McCain lawn signs after I put up my Obama sign. I did see a comment on my friend Kristin's Blog, begging her to vote for McCain, which was ironic since she raised thousands of dollars for Obama!

    Lovely Banksy! His rats have so much personality. They almost seem like they could walk off the wall. Did you ever read The Rats of Nimh?

  3. The mural is great.

    Even here in McCain's home state, interest in his campaign is tepid.

  4. What a great mural.

    Our Obama sign is up, but two doors down, a neighbor has two McCain signs on his lawn. I hope that does not cancel us out!

  5. I was just in soho! and I missed this mural.... how is that possible. now I have to go back .....soon - can't trust someone not to cover u this brilliant rat!

    love bergman....strangely his dark and complex tales always bring me comfort. could be a case of it can always be worse....

  6. I equate Bergman to the blues. You manage to purge the darkness by diving into it. Sometimes feel good movies can bring me down, especially when they don't make me feel good and everyone around me is laughing and jolly as I feel more alienated. However, movies like "Smiles of the Summer Night" can remind us of the light side of Bergman

  7. I haven't seen any McCain stuff at all.

    I noticed 3 of my comments didn;t get through on posts here, I must be doing the comment mod ajgfjggfg wrong and then leaving before making sure.