Friday, October 23, 2009

Move Completed!

Well, I'm in my new digs at work. My desk is now by a window, from which I can see mainly the air-handling units of our building -- but the light is good and looking upward I have a view of buildings and sky. (And we all want to look upward, right?)

The move went smoothly, and my boss even managed to do a fair amount of purging. I was impressed!

Not much else going on. I meditated this morning for the first time in a week or so, and that felt good. I really need to get back on a steady diet of meditation and gym -- those routines have been continually thrown off balance by my summer travels and all my trips to New Jersey. (Though New Jersey, or more specifically the person in New Jersey, is clearly still the priority!)

I have to share this video with you. If you haven't seen it yet -- a dog guarding a bone against encroachment by his own hind leg -- you'll die laughing.

(Photo: Leaves on the sidewalk in Washington, D.C., Oct. 2009)


  1. Nice DC street shot. I was thinking about the A/C unit in view. Too bad no one can climb up there and do some street art on it!

  2. The video is hilarious. But it makes the dog look like it must have rabies. May Jake is never this entertaining.

    Glad you can still see the sky in your new work space.

  3. I will feel REALLY bad if that turns out to be a rabid dog, Barbara!

  4. Steve based on the reports in the news, I glad you still have a desk.

    That is a strange dog.

  5. One of our dogs scares herself all the time. Sometimes with flatulence---which is enough to scare anyone.

  6. i love this photo!

    I'm in a new office now - actually a much better one! sometimes a change is good, eh?