Tuesday, October 13, 2009


When I was walking in Greenwich Village on Sunday, I found this beautiful spot of reflected sunlight on the sidewalk. I stood in the street and tried to shoot a photo, but it was a busy sidewalk and people kept walking into the frame. Eventually, I decided to include people in the shots.

I've made it a long-term goal to work more with people in my photos, so this was a nice step in that direction. I liked the photo above, especially, because the couple embracing conveys a happy warmth.

This is the shot I was originally trying for. Now that I've shot it with people, it seems strangely empty without them.

This was the runner-up shot. I like it, but because my camera has a slight shutter delay, the women got a little too far to the left for it to be a really good shot. They shouldn't be so close to the margin of the photo. Still, I like the blurry action!


  1. I saw that same mysterious light (that almost seemed alive) in the shot with the tables. It's amazing how light affects a picture. I do find your people shots more warm and interesting.

    I'm so excited about seeing you later this week!

  2. I love all these! With or without people it's a magical vortex.

    I've been a lot more interested in including people in my pics lately, though since I hate having my own pic taken, I always feel awkward shooting pics of others.

  3. I like the fact that the blue jean legs extend into the photo ... I wouldn't change a thing. xoxo.