Saturday, October 24, 2009


Every once in a while I take a peek at my Site Meter, to see how many visitors my blog has attracted lately. Usually the number is ridiculously, ego-crunchingly low, and in fact, like many of my blog pals I've noticed diminished readership over the past six months or so. (I wonder what's going on out there? Blog overload?)

Anyway, my Site Meter also shows how people arrive at my site -- via a link or a search engine, for example. On Thursday I noticed something surprising: Someone was repeatedly coming to my blog by searching Google with my full name. They were then browsing my blog archives quite a bit, from the looks of things.

Now, don't get me wrong. I think it's cool that someone is checking out my online creation. But who out there is looking specifically for me? Who even knows my full name? (There probably aren't a lot of Stephen Gager Reeds in the world, so they must be looking for me specifically, and most people know me as Steve.) They also use an AOL browser, for what it's worth.

To make matters stranger, someone has been browsing my Flickr account for photos of me and my mother.

Stalker, reveal thyself!

(Photo: Two giant street art pieces of Madonna, who knows a thing or two about stalkers, Meatpacking District, Oct. 2009)


  1. I've come to know who finds my Blog (each time) by using my name. But until you know who it is, it is just a little creepy to think you're being so closely scrutinized by an anonymous person.

    Actually sometimes it might be better not to know the things a sitemeter tells you. But I use one too and check it every day. It has revealed some very interesting things over the years.

    I hope your new "fan" comes forward!

  2. not to mention those who just read your site's feed like me.

  3. It is rare that I check those things. But, you are Barbara are much better bloggers than I am cause you post daily and I post...weekly?

    I am loving those shots of Madge. Great pic!

  4. hmmmmm mysterious

    Gager is a cool name!

  5. Bulldog: Good point! I don't see feed readers on the Site Meter. So maybe I have more readers than I think I do?! (I'm going to tell myself that, anyway.)

    Lettuce: Gager is my mom's maiden name. Traces back to England, in fact!

  6. Junryu, I've been feedreading you for the last few months, if it makes you feel better. There really should be a way to track that, seems like an easy problem.

  7. Thanks, Jiryu! I gotta try this feed-reading thing. That's still foreign to me.

  8. Too many of the people I came to know through blogging now only connect with me via Facebook. It's like going from real conversations to headline exchange.