Thursday, February 2, 2012


Dave is off to Spain today -- he's supervising a five-day trip with the other music teachers and the senior music students. They'll visit Madrid, Segovia and Toledo, and I'm jealous. I visited Madrid and Segovia, as well as the south of Spain, almost 20 years ago and loved it. The wine! The bread! The olives! But this time, there was no point in me tagging along -- he'll be working all day every day, and my presence would be more distraction than asset. (Especially given that this is his first trip with students at this school.)

Why not save our travel money for trips we can enjoy together, like our upcoming jaunt to Amsterdam? Makes sense to me.

I've mentioned that I'm sleeping much more soundly now than I did with our dogs, much as I miss them. Consequently, I'm having a lot of dreams. I think I rarely entered an extended REM state when the dogs were slammed up against me in bed, snorting and snuffling and moving around. Now, my god, it's like an endless surreal movie inside my head. My dreams never make much sense and in fact they often don't seem to have much of a plot -- one thing becomes another, people change into other people, locations shift. It's all very fluid. But I love the feeling of waking up from a dream and coming back to myself, and thinking, "Whoa."

(Photo: Portobello Road, last week. Apparently Lana Del Rey is a musician...?)


  1. Interrupt my sleep!? I would have eaten the dogs long ago.

  2. I'm sorry you missed out on Spain, but Amsterdam actually sounds far more exciting! It must seem weird not to have Dave around though. I'll bet you are eating a lot of vegetarian food! :)

  3. I don't know I would take Spain over Amsterdam. Although a trip stressing out Dave might not be a fun one for you.

    Enjoy whatever time you get, both alone and with Dave. :)

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  4. I always dream every night. I don't usually remember them (when I do they're usually about my mother), but sometimes I wake up exhausted from all the running around. Sheesh!