Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Coot and Goose

Well, the snow is already gone, at least in our immediate neighborhood. But we're supposed to have more cold weather this week, and possibly more snow, from what I understand (having only briefly glanced at the newspaper headlines while in the grocery store yesterday). At least we're not getting hammered as badly as other parts of Europe. I see that parts of the Balkans are buried under six feet of snow!

To celebrate the brief respite, here are some pictures of waterbirds, which are no doubt happier when they can get in the water rather than standing on it. That's a coot up above.

And these are Egyptian geese, which I don't recall ever seeing before my walk along the Regent's Canal late last week. Apparently there are colonies of them in eastern England. Love the pink legs!

I'm helping my former boss with a project, so I actually have some work to do today. Yay! Income!


  1. The geese are amazing! They are SO stylish and pleasing to look at. I want a pair of boots like that!
    Income- GREAT! Now you buy more tea!

  2. Those geese are crazy looking! And that first photo is very cool -- I'm loving your visual commentary.

  3. wow, amazing. i just about fell into the water with the coot!

  4. The coot photo is tres cool! Enjoy that employment.

  5. Those Egyptian Geese are beautiful. I have not seen them before.

    Ms. M