Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hometown Highway


  1. EEEK! Baptist country! You should probably take that FREE boat, I am sure you could do something cool with it! Great shots- you are indeed , back home!

  2. I've been playing catchup from the weekend. Love your pics, the story of your day with your niece & your journal entry - I gotta say it's more interesting than mine from that age :)

  3. Hi Steve,
    I don't know if I've ever commented on your blog before, but I originally found you through Reya and Pod (where oh where did Pod go?) years ago and re-connected just recently through Liz over at Another View when she linked you.

    Just wanted you to know I was dropping by from time to time and that I admire your photography and love the way you have with words.

    Loved the sand hill crane, the fresh water mussel and the shrooms!

    I've always wanted to live in the U.K., so you are living one of my dreams.

    I've always had a harder time adjusting to "time travel" when I've come from Europe to the U.S. vs the other way around. I hate that trans-Altantic flight.

    I did spend my teen years in FL in the Tampa Bay area; now living in NJ about one hour from NYC.

    Did the FREE FREE boat have a huge hole?

    Keep up the great work!

  4. My fav shot is the greenery. Makes me think of the mangroves in Mia.

    Ms. M

  5. it must be something to look at your home with new eyes, after living in london. i get the feeling from your photos that you are seeing everything anew.