Monday, February 20, 2012

Heidi, Yeti

Thanks to my brother, who correctly identified this woman. It's supermodel and "Project Runway" host Heidi Klum. I never would have figured that out.

Between getting settled in after Amsterdam and preparing for Florida, I went out for a walk yesterday to take some photos. We had a beautiful clear, sunny day, and I figured I'd better seize the opportunity! I got some good shots.

The one above is from Amsterdam -- a Tibetan restaurant advertising "Foods from the land of Yeti," which cracks me up. Dave and I are reflected in the window!


  1. Ah, I love reflection pictures.

    Your travels make me wish that I were seeing the world too. There is so much happening in so many wonderful places and today I feel the longing to be part of it. Time to start saving....

  2. My fav part is the hidden picture of you two. :)

    I would have never guessed it was Hedi either. Actually when I read the comment, I said no way, and had to Google it. :P

    Ms. M

  3. all right your bro for winning the quiz - ha ha

    love it land of yeti! although i don't know if that would pull me in!

  4. Safe flights and soft landings and hi to your mother. Looking forward to seeing you.

  5. I've always liked your photography. Have you found your recent classes have changed what you do in any way?

    Depending on when you leave, we may pass in the air as we head down to Chile!

  6. Beautiful shot! LOVE the bikes- a lot! Florida sounds real good about freezing here and rainy and dark and bleah! I have Florida envy!