Friday, February 10, 2012


"I have come to see that our problem is that we don't know what happiness is. We confuse it with a life uncluttered by feelings of anxiety, rage, doubt, and sadness. But happiness is something entirely different. It's the ability to receive the pleasant without grasping and the unpleasant without condemning." -- Mark Epstein

(Photo: Spitalfields Markets, last Friday.)


  1. It really does lower the stress level to realize that life doesn't have to be perfect in order for me to be happy. :)

  2. I find happiness to be as slippery and illusive as a slick fish. I just think I've found it to realize it's not the real thing after all.

  3. A great friend tells me all the time that happiness is for children. I tend to agree, I look for joy, calmness and contentment in life.

    Ms. M