Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Holland Park

After weeks of chilly gray skies and rain, the weather yesterday was suddenly balmy and beautiful. And none too soon! My frustration with our spring showers was reaching a breaking point. On Sunday, when Dave told me it was supposed to rain yet again that afternoon, I surprised both of us by exclaiming, "I hate this country."

Of course I don't really. I was just annoyed because I'd planned to do photography that afternoon. (And as it turned out, the rain never materialized and I took pictures after all.) Why I was so attached to my plans -- to my idea of the weather as I thought it should be, rather than as it was -- is a good question.

Anyway, yesterday was the first truly pleasant, warm, sunny day we've had in weeks -- t-shirt weather! I went to Holland Park and wandered the paths through the forest, where the rhododendrons were in bloom.

I also saw lots of these blue flowers, whatever they are.

And more horse chestnut blossoms -- pink ones this time, as opposed to white.

I took my Gandhi book to the park and finished it in one sustained, committed marathon of reading. Thank goodness that's over. I did learn from it, so it wasn't a waste of time -- it just wasn't pleasant!


Elizabeth said...

I'd love to see some rainy pics -- I imagine with your great eye that they'd be really cool --

Just sayin'

37paddington said...

I am really loving seeing your photos in this new larger format!

Lynne said...

It's funny isn't it, these notions about how the weather should cooperate with our plans! Your blooming season looks like it's in the same place as ours. All the rhododendrons are in bloom.

Good for you to finish a book you really weren't enjoying!