Saturday, May 19, 2012


Last fall I mentioned the volunteer marigold that popped up in our parking lot. Well, this spring we're seeing other feral garden flowers here and there around our flat. This clump of pink blossoms is growing in the gutter of the building across the parking lot (or "car park," as the English would say). I can't tell what they are -- they're too far away.

And these snapdragons have appeared once again on the ledge just above our building's front door. I thought they'd vanish after the cold winter, but they're persistent little devils. Makes me think they've probably been around for years.

You gotta be impressed with a plant that can grow and prosper on a concrete ledge, without any apparent soil!


Lynne said...

I LOVE these volunteer gardens! How beautiful! And the snapdragons ... hmm... since they are an annual I assume they are dropping their seeds every year in that concrete crevice and coming back from there. Amazing, truly amazing!

The Bug said...

These are great! I love unexpected flowers - they're so much fun.

So far in our (theoretically) unplanted raised bed we have a volunteer tomato & cilantro. That's fun too, but flowers would be prettier :)

Ajax said...

wow, prosper indeed. Those snapdragons are somethin else. Nice colors even. Neat.