Saturday, May 5, 2012

Household Curiosities

Our last dozen eggs came complete with a feather!

Dave bought a huge fresh horseradish root at the grocery store. After grating most of it, we planted the two knobby ends to see what would happen. Voila, we have a horseradish plant! We're curious to see what it will look like as it matures.

This tiny purple blossom appeared on our rosemary plant -- which, sadly, we had to discard because it was infected with some kind of pestilence. (See all the white fuzz on the leaves?)

My friend Pam brought us some peanut brittle from Spain when she visited a few weeks ago. It was dee-lish. The ripply reflections created by the plastic wrapper were merely a bonus.

Remember our sorry seeds-in-a-can from Amsterdam, none of which ever grew? Well, our one similarly canned bulb is now going gangbusters, as you can see. I'll post photos if and when it blooms!


  1. I think that bloom on the rosemary is some sort of fungus. We almost never get it here in southern CA probably because we have so little rain. I love the crackly peanut brittle plastic -- I love all your photos in this post.

  2. My rosemary blooms every year, but does not have the white stuff on it.

    I love how everything around you is popping, growing and blooming. This is a great omen for your summer this year.


  3. No Way! I can't believe a feather stayed on those eggs. Were they bought at a farm?

  4. Yeah, I don't know what that white stuff was, but it wasn't good.

    Gary, they're plain ol' supermarket eggs!

  5. I would expect a feather or two if I can ever get Mike to stop at the farm he passes on his way to work - but from the market? Odd!

    I really like the tulip can - hope the bloom is just as pretty :)

  6. I have never seen a feather on a supermarket egg. We are lucky enough to get our neighbor's fresh-from-the-chicken-eggs and she always cleans them, so no feathers (boo hoo) for us. Lovely photo.

    Good luck with the tulip!

    In regard to your previous post about "nobody reads this blog" I can relate! ;) I used to fret about it but now it's just down to those who care and want to read. It's all about me wanting to document my life anyway.

  7. The packaging pic is great, love it. And that feather is precious.

    Ms. M