Monday, May 21, 2012

Post-Brunch Barber

Last week, as we were driving home with Chris and Linda from the antiques show at Alexandra Palace, we passed this barber shop. I loved the painted gate on the front of the store, so I made a mental note of the location so I could go back for a picture. I knew I had to go back on a Sunday, when the store would be closed and the gate would be visible.

Yesterday morning, Dave and I went to his coworker Keith's house for a really fun brunch -- egg, cheese and spinach casserole, baclava and plenty of champagne! Afterwards I wove my way to the tube and fulfilled my plan to visit the barber. I'm surprised the picture came out so clearly. Thank God for auto-focus.

I then walked for several hours through North-Central London, and I didn't get home until almost 7 p.m. My feet were killing me -- but overall, a great day!

On Saturday, Dave and I went to see the movie "Jeff, Who Lives at Home." (Or as Dave mistakenly called it at brunch, "Tim, Who Lives in the Basement.") It was a great movie, and although it's billed as a comedy, it's pretty unconventional -- more like a drama with comedic moments. Two thumbs up!

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Lynne said...

LOL, thank goodness for auto-focus. ;
Great painted gate!