Monday, November 26, 2012

Belgian Oddities

Before we resume our regularly scheduled broadcasts from London, here are a few last favorite photos from Belgium...

Above, Cafe Fatima in Ghent. The big red circle reads "No Air" and shows a cigarette -- whether that means smoking is prohibited or required, I'm not sure!

Colorful jeans for sale in the market in Leuven.

Baby Monkey, Baby Monkey
Riding on Gojira
Baby Monkey

A bar in Ghent. Dig those flowered curtains!

"The cat did it."

Garage door in Leuven -- hey, let's park here!

Big white bra graffiti in Ghent.

A mysterious window full of glass (or plastic?) eggs (or balloons?) in Leuven.


  1. What mysteries! I love these!
    I am especially fond, I think, of the non-ironic use of the quotation marks around the word Fatima.
    And the baby monkey.

  2. All the Belgian pics are delicious! Love the fog pic and reflection pics of course.

    My quarrel with Pain Quotidien is that EVERYTHING is bread based. So funny to read that.

    Loved the church pics as well. Thank you!

  3. All of these quirky photos are GREAT! Love the humour and shabbyness of them. Hilarious bra teeth person. So nice to live where you can just pop over to ANYWHERE else cool for a few days. The bar actually looks a little scary with those crazy curtains- murderous. Torture of Strawberry Shortcake dolls and Hello Kitty goes on in there and you are right to be confused by Fatima's sign. (?)

  4. Also all GAGA over the wonderful shots of misty day and reflections...gorgeous!

  5. I admit - the row of headless jeans is a little bit freaky - ha!

    LOVE the garage door. I would be very tempted to park there :)

    And now I have to go watch the baby monkey riding backward on a pig video again.

  6. Ms Moon: Yes, the quotation marks make Cafe "Fatima" really special!

    Reya: OMG. So much bread.

    Linda Sue: "Torture of Strawberry Shortcake dolls" -- ha! Love it!

    Bug: Oh, so that's an allusion to some Internet video? I had no idea. I suppose I should go check it out!