Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday, Monday

Dave and I went to see a great movie yesterday: "My Brother the Devil," about Arab kids growing up in a tough neighborhood in the London borough of Hackney. The Guardian calls it "muscular and heartfelt," and I would agree. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I won't relate the whole plot -- you can click on the link to the review for that. But I was impressed.

Suddenly there are all these movies we want to see -- we also want to check out "Argo" and "The Master." Why do movies always come in clusters?

Otherwise, yesterday was taken up by routine housework and my weekly sub reports for school. And this morning I had four teachers call in sick. That may not sound like a lot, but for a school the size of ours it's more than is typical at the last minute. What the heck is going on out there?!

(Photo: Graffiti at Trellick Tower.)


  1. Right off hand I'd say there's a virus going around.

  2. Ditto for here, from what I understand regarding viruses. I have been ms. waterworks today...My house is too quiet and my other cats are acting strange. They mourn, too, according to their vet. Thanks for your kind words. I can't write about her last day yet...

    I'll check out these films. What type of dog are you thinking of getting? If it is breed specific, you could try locating a rescue organization that is looking for good homes for its dogs.

  3. This particular graffiti is creepy. The tongues flicking out from the edges, not to mention the "french" kiss happening in the middle. Hmmm.

    Loved your chicken pics from the previous post. Who knew London was so obsessed with fried chicken with names from the States?